I'd like to enjoy Healing Again -14 yr Healer

10/29/2018 12:02 PMPosted by Mirlonne
I'm having fun healing in Uldir but I will admit that the tier 1 talents are all garbage and need work. Replace Bestow Faith with the old Sacred Shield/Eternal Flame. Also, I've gotten kind of used to distance-based Mastery, but it's still not fun.

I think a good balance for bestow faith would be: it applies a mini execution sentence/lifebloom, with a minor hot to start followed by the remainder of the heal at the end.

It just feels clunky to have such a large delay and for it to result in 30-40% overhealing in raids (based on actual top parse logs).

In high mythic plus dungeons, it can be helpful if you have space to get it on someone. When things go sideways though and people will die in 2-3 seconds without heals, you can’t afford the gcd on an ability that won’t even heal them before they would die otherwise.

Changing it to include a hot function would be a nice change in my opinion.
Yes the mastery needs to be changed completely. Rather than punishing us for casting at ranged for every point of mastery wasted, we should get like a splash heal on both heals and damage done. That way, we keep the value of mastery for all cast heals plus we still get melee fantasy. Win/win.
against the melee fantasy concept... i feel we should be given the choice to stand with all other healing classes.

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