People saying this mastery is fine doesn’t know the importance of positioning in arena or they have 0 melee in their mythic raid teams
I dislike the aspect of mastery being punishing for things out of our control. In fights like Fetid/ghuun/mythrax that force you to spread it’s annoying knowing that I’ll be healing someone whose forced to be spread 20+ yards away for less.

This is why rule of law was designed. To help spread fights and such feel less punishing, however the fact they had to design something to even attempt to counter the mastery shows that it has a ridiculous fault since it’s out of our control in these cases.

Regardless, the healing difference isn’t too insane but it’s still not the best feeling in fights that force you out of melee or force your entire raid to be spread apart.

Not only that, but because RoL greatly helps our mastery’s problem we essentially have to take it on fights like this and while that’s fine, it’s annoying having to substitute out extra utility like double steed or reduced CDs on defensives for a throughout CD.

I don’t think our mastery is bad by any means, however when it comes to healing I’d like as much as possible to be under my control (which is also the reason healers tend to stay away from RNG dependent talents over reliable ones depending on the difference in throughput) and having spread fights directly contradict the mastery making it less effective for something I really can’t control. I do like that it’s not as boring as a mastery that increases healing of X passively though and it’s not like standing out in ranged is a huge penalty realistically.

Either way though think this thread is reaching quite a bit.
Thanks for begging Blizzard saw your post and took away our second Sac.
Ive always played healers in my 11+ years and IMO one of the big things that has always turned me off of Holy Paly in the end was the Mastery.

Like I dont mind being in melee at all or doing dmg, or even how any of the paly spells work but the mastery really kills it for me.

Having a talent to extended the mastery for 10 sec was also weird and it's placement with movement/Unbreakable spirit talent.

They should let you guys maybe chose between 2 passive auras/stances so you can have it affect people closer or farther away, or a row of talents that alter how it works. ( so it can be maximized in stacked or ranged situations? ) Just an idea, every time I try the paly though mastery kills it for me.

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