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I learned that Kul'Tirans are stuck up!

I adventured with this Kul'Tiran for a while, and she seemed pretty cool at first.

One day we were talking and I said that even though I would never stoop to adventure with a Human, as far as I was concerned, her race was pirate.

She got really offended! She said I had no idea what it was to be a seafaring people, that I'd watched too much Pirates of the Caribbean and that I didn't know what I was talking about. Some few are pirates, she explained pedantically, but not all.

As she's unleashing this torrent of words at me, I get a little break as she asks me who I think they pirate goods off of if they're all pirates.

I said "each other" and then she got really mad and hit me with a big mallet and I died. I tried to explain what happened to Bwonsamdi but he just laughed at me and told me to stop trying to adventure cross-faction.
t.i.l. that my dog uses his teeth to remove his remaining feces because he cant pinch it out, and ive been letting lick my lips all this time
My hunter got the Horseman's helm. The Horseman's plate helm. My hunter got a few gold.
Uh...he woke up, stood in Boralus for a few minutes, got magically whisked away to kill the Headless Horseman, got a pile of crap, threw it in the trash, went back home, and then went back to bed.
Got 370 braces from weekly which i disenchanted cause it wasn't better
Won the first packed brawl only for it to not count. Proceed to lose 8 times to win the next one that did count and gave me more shards as usual .

On my healer entered the mythic dungeon at 50 ms and finished the dungeon 1.6 k ms. i just spammed big heals and cds hoping the guys could rush down the final boss lmao. Now i am back to 50 ms after the torture .

Quite normal experience for me :)
He had a lot of fun with Succubi while I was logged off.
Not much, between work and Halloween I only had a little time for playing. Mostly the world quests for the Tortollans and Champions for this guy (one more Tortollan run I think and I'll be exalted with them, the last of my six)
Did the laundery and a magic trick some how I'm missing a white sock
I helped Loh go.
Grumpy Twin Peaks with an amazing team, followed by grumpy Isle of Conquest with an amazing team. Her driver is sick today, and deeply appreciates two wins in a row.
Pirates, huh!

I painstakingly took down all the pumpkins and candles in my garrison, said goodbye to the Seer and the Beer Witch, and decorated for Christmas!!!! Yayyyyyy! :D

Snowmen and candy-canes all around, and trees, and lights! It's very exiting.
I saw someone get the headless horseman mount.
Tym got called "lowborn" at least three times by Nightborne snobs. Hello! He's a noble! He should have punched them, and left the seal of his house signet embossed in their face.
I didn't log on today and instead I just finished Season 3 of Daredevil. So is that like basically sleeping all day for Sevaira?
10/31/2018 10:45 PMPosted by Senseimoonk
t.i.l. that my dog uses his teeth to remove his remaining feces because he cant pinch it out, and ive been letting lick my lips all this time

Don't do that. Its gross.

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