So how are people feeling about the new Gob/Worgen models?

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I'm really happy with the worgen female updates. They did really well in updating and improving them within the constraints that the old model imposed, since the model updates don't deviate too far from the original models.

I'm happy to say that I will be returning my main to her femworg self once these new models are deployed (race changed away, couldn't stand the derp). Finally, my many years of disappointment are over.

The other three models also look nice, but the differences are far less noticeable as now they're just HD.
Goblins look kind of the same to me.

Worgen looks better, but I really hope to see some finer aesthetic features for them in the future. Kind of like how Kul tiran's get the scarred eye option. Wolfmen should have the option to look pretty feral.
Really hope Male Worgen get a Straight Back option.
I am pleased.
I'll be leveling all my worgen alts, I get to be so fluffy! Also, I'll probably roll some goblins too since they look pretty good.
I think they had a chance to fix the female worgen and make something really beautiful and bad !@#. Instead they put a high Rez coat of paint on a sows ear and called it a silk purse

To make it worse it looks like the females don’t even get the glowing eyes
Race changing my rogue back to wrogen :3 <3
I'm happy they finally showed images and we have an idea on what they're going to look like. My druid, priest and hunter are very happy about this.

That said, I can't wait to see what their bodies will look like. Will they have a better frame that doesn't warp and clip so much? Will they add tails? Will helmets actually look good on them?

Very pleased with how fluffy they are. More fluff!
I have gripes with the body meshing updates on both goblins and worgen but I assumed that wouldn't have nearly as much attention done to them as their faces/heads so I'm not too upset about that.

Goblins: Meshing looks better, rigging will probably futz with some of that but we'll have to see. Faces are good, especially on the females. Texture work is crisp and clean and well detailed. Overall: 8/10.

Worgen: Head meshing on the males is very good, an improvement with the expression rigging, I really hope they didn't just slap the new meshing onto the animation bones haphazardly. Female head meshes look far, far better then they did. Mesh base for heads for both male and female worgen, overall 9/10.

Now, texture wise for both male and female worgen. In a word, bad. Bad, bad, bad, BAD. Textures are flat, smudgy to the point they're reminiscent of a water color painting (which is an unfortunate fad these days with digital artists), there is no bump mapping, no layering, the only shadowing I can see is on the painted on underwear, again with the same lazy smudge lines. Additionally there is actual texture stretching to the point of pixelation on the mesh, something I would have never expected from a supposed triple A company. It looks cheap. It looks rushed. It looks BAD. Overall for textures: 0/10.

Blizzard. I know you can do fur texturing, I've seen it in the past, I've seen it with more recent content. You've done bump layering with work before, you've done layering before. I know you can do this. So do the right thing and FIX THE TEXTURES.
I play male Worgen. I had no major issue with the previous model, and this looks awfully similar just higher res. So it’s good.
I couldn't be happier. I wasn't expecting anything more than an upgrade of the established design and that's what we got. I think it's great and I can't wait to see them in motion.
11/02/2018 06:16 PMPosted by Moonbunny
The female models for both are too pretty =( I really wish female character choices would have some variety other than "sexy or innocent with perfectly smooth skin"

This line of thinking got us the current models.
I'm glad my goblin's eyes won't look like they were painted on her face, that's for sure.
It's a good start I hope along with the update we get an improved running animation.
11/02/2018 07:06 PMPosted by Renat
11/02/2018 06:16 PMPosted by Moonbunny
The female models for both are too pretty =( I really wish female character choices would have some variety other than "sexy or innocent with perfectly smooth skin"

This line of thinking got us the current models.

Not our fault blizzards artists apparently are not capable of creating a female model that isn’t either cute pretty and innocent or completely hideous

Nobody asked for the current model. What people asked for was a werewolf, something deadly and beautiful instead blizzard delivered were chihuahuas

Don’t blame the people who asked for change for blizzards failure to deliver
Worgen females need serious looking options, not just show pets.
The female looks like a furry mess... I hate them. I wanted Cool glowing eyes. They still look like COMPLETELY different designers went at male and female. PLEASE for the love of God.... GIVE US MORE FACE OPTIONS...
Some one take pity on us and just copy and paste a males face to a female body. I'M DESPERATE.

Otherwise I guess I have to race change to Kultiran.. ./cry
I won't be excited until I see the male worgen animations. If they run the same way, no thanks.
Male worgens look the same except for a semi-curved back.

I expected more to be honest. I wanted them to look less feral and more dignified.
I used to play gobs, they are night and day

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