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11/04/2018 11:03 PMPosted by Verlius
11/04/2018 10:00 PMPosted by Ningjinq

Blizzard said Sylvanas considers Garrosh an amateur. And she’s wielding Xal’atah.

It’s over.

She’s a threat to the Horde.

That comment from blizzard doesn't necessarily mean anything, it's vague and only serves to generate discussion and hype.

Also, we do not have any details on Xalatah other than a single image. Images shown in this capacity have occasionally been flat out incorrect.

It is possible that Sylvanas attempts to use xal to imprison something like nzoth, it is possible She gets old God corrupted, it is possible she just finds the dagger, it is possible she doesn't even get the dagger and they just had her holding it there to generate buzz, and because Xalatah will be relevant to the future of the plot in general.

We simply do not have enough details to make any conclusion, which was the point.

Interview on wowhead says it's very plot relevant in the future, so Sylv definitely has the dagger.
11/04/2018 10:11 PMPosted by Shandley
While looking for Saurfang you find evidence of SI:7 involvement, I would take that a step further. Shaw is aware of anduins meeting and release of surfang. He informs greymane who loses trust in anduin for this decision. As he and the worgen are helping the night elves he is aware of the atrocities being committed in darkshore and this act splinters the alliance and anduin, while still king of stormwind, loses control of the alliance as a whole. Alliance players can then choose their side, anduin or tyrande. Either way Tyrande takes over, and a new plan takes shape.

Okay, I like the idea about releasing Saurfang being a touch point for conflict within the Alliance. But Shaw already knows and aided in Saurfang's escape, so unless he is a dreadlord I don't see him intentionally stirring the pot by spreading that around.

But saying that out loud. It wouldn't be hard to have Genn suspect that Mathias to be complicit in Saurfang's escape. Some of the assets from the Horde scenario could be reused to make a scene where the PC investigates Saurfang's escape and uncovers the evidence of SI:7 involvement. We could even have the Alliance's decision point happen when Genn confronts Mathias only to have Anduin interrupt and come clean. Give the Alliance player a choice like "With an honorable warchief peace may be possible" or "He was the architect of Teldrassil's destruction, he belongs in a cell... or dead."

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