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My wife and I were going over this, as we do often (we love orc heroes), about how poorly the story creators treated the Hellscream bloodline. Now, we don't mean this in how Garrosh played out, or how Warlords turned out to be, but we feel that in every time line the bloodline of the Hellscreams never truly brings itself to glory.

Even now, when we go back to recruit Mag'har orcs we bring back a sister of Thrall, instead of the (what could have been) daughter of Garrosh. Someone to be bring the Hellscream's lineage forward and become an actual champion.

After all... to remind you... Grom is the REASON there is a horde to begin with, otherwise, the legion would have long conquered Azeroth....

And yet....

With tears swelling in our eyes everytime we watch the Garrosh vs Thrall cinematic...

We have yet to truly honor the Hellscream name.

They all deserved better. They all earned more than fate provided them. They all lived and breathed as authors of their own destiny, or as the ruin of those who wanted to usurp that role.

I wonder if Saurfang wants *them* back in ‘his’ Horde. Truly, I wonder.
I loved Grom back in vanilla, but Garrosh supremely urinated all over the Hellscream name during Cataclysm and MoP. Then "Draenor is Free!" Kind of killed Grom for me, too.

I feel like there are not enough cool orcish names to let Hellscream go to waste, but I also feel like Garrosh poisoned the well. Even in TBC he was contemptuous -- willing to let the Broken raiders kill his clan because "my daddy was evil abloobloo."

I've never been able to stand him outside of the quest in Stonetalon and "Times change."
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Then "Draenor is Free!" Kind of killed Grom for me, too.

I don't even bother calling him Grom. Haven't since WoD. That guy's not Grom. He's just Grommash.

Grom was the Hellscream who stumbled along the way, but eventually learned a few lessons and with his last act did right by the rest of the orcs in the hopes of making up for how he'd wronged them.

Grommash was a Hellscream who waged a war against the draenei without even the excuse of being deceived by the Burning Legion and only ceased that war because his own army decided to dump him for someone even worse, yet he was suddenly treated like a hero and apparently reinstalled as Warchief of Draenor's Horde when he did absolutely nothing whatsoever to earn either outcome and everything to deserve being exiled or killed.

The only lesson Grommash's experiences would have taught him was to kill the warlocks instead of keeping them alive so they can eventually escape and usurp his position, yet apparently we're supposed to swallow that his punishment-free "victory" (in which we defeated his usurpers for him) made him somehow deserving of honor and respect?
I've never understood why Blizz has such a disconnect between these characters and why fans actually like them.


But by having Garrosh end up a villain, and by making 'Grommash' such a karma houdini (Not to mention having Kilrogg, one of the only WC2 heroes who wasn't super evil, work with Gul'dan) they ruined a LOT of the Horde's legacy that was already pretty dark to begin with.

The Warsong, the Kor'kron, the Hellscream family... ruined, despite Greatmother Geyah's words and the narrative of the Mag'har in outland being the orcs corruption free heritage...
I feel like there are not enough cool orcish names to let Hellscream go to waste
Well we still have Deadeye available to us.....when they decide to use him that is......
Garrosh literally got the hookup for a killer redemption arc in Warcrimes by letting him live after SoO and having the celestials believe that the potential for attonement was there.

But what happened?

We needed WoD for our next expansion, so they just used him to get that and then promptly disposed of him at launch. It’s utterly pathetic!

I swear, it would be a great twist if the AU Grom’s lightbound son turned out to actually be OUR Garrosh, resseructed and brainwashed by the light.
Tangent: I am still salty about the WoD Kilrogg. It is like they didn't even bother with the MU version at all.

MU version agreed with Orgrim going after Gul'dan, bottled the dwarves in Ironforge (even if he couldn't actually get in there), and was wise enough to know that if he abandoned his efforts, they'd boil out of the mountain right in the orcs supply lines. He escaped capture for two years until the re-opening of the dark portal.

He was cagey and intelligent. One of the coolest and more unique orcs of the second war.

AU Kilrogg was an eyeball obsessed brute who sided with Gul'dan.

The salt.

It is real.

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