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Hey, does anyone know at EXACTLY what ilvl does the emissary cache jump from 355 to 370? really wanting to hold on to that Honorbound Cache today till it turns 370 for my warlock. hes 360 at the moment with it offering a 355 azerite piece.
It was 365 for me.
367 except its not based of ilvl

it based the history of everything you have ever equiped even if you have deleted it. Switching rings and switching trinkets can modify it.

Personally I has been 360, 363 in bags for a week when I got my first 370. I had a number of non-upgrades ie 4 sets of 370 pants over the 2 weeks previously but my ilvl had not changed.
Mine switched to 370 the moment I went from 362 to 363.
I think it is 360. I noticed it on 363 equipped but could be 365 (counting gear from your bag). Can't be higher than 365.
365 bag gear.

source: I have a 365 boomkin and a 362 mage, both bag ilvl. Druid gets 370 emissary rewards, mage gets 355
I think it is 364.X

My guildie who was ilvl 364 got 370 gear rewarded.
I was also ilvl 364 but my reward still showed as 355.

I went to the AH to buy a BoE piece that's an upgrade, but was disappointed to find out that my ilvl was still sitting at 364 - however, my WQ reward turned into a 370.

That was almost 3 weeks ago though.
But a few other people in another thread 2 weeks ago also mentioned it was somewhere between 364.1 and 364.9.
What if you are 380+? Emissaries are gonna drop 385?

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