Intensely Casual 5/8H T/Th 5:30-11:30 PST

Are you Intensely Casual? Don't even know what that means? Neither do we, but we're pretty sure it describes us.

<Intensely Casual> [Hyjal-US] [Horde] is looking for more people to join us in our shenanigans. We're an adult guild with easy-going fun people, Socials/Raiders/MythicPlusers all welcome. Currently 8/8N 5/8H in Uldir and could use some ranged DPS, the melee pack is getting kinda full unless you are a rogue or have tanking offspec (especially for M+). We raid T/Th 5:30 PST-11:30 PST. PM me here or contact Arkann/Arkatt, Zenna, Wyld or Tiekfu in game for info or invite.

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