Which class is the most fitting for a gnome

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Ima wondering what you people Think, I would say rogue with the engineering profs

Gnome tanks are the best. You know what to do.
Warlock or Mage, I think.
I think gnome Rogues are amusing.
Gnomemetry..? You were asking about classes?
Warlock or mage. Let’s face it, gnomes could never really be a physical threat to anybody. An orc could slaughter a village of them without breaking a sweat. There are many creatures on Azeroth that would see them as food.
Hunter with a rifle + mechanical pet
The best is always a puny gnome warrior tanking some enormous dragon.
11/09/2018 11:51 AMPosted by Xargaryen
Let’s face it, gnomes could never really be a physical threat to anybody.

Oh I don't think so. Gnomes do make excellent spies and assassins. They can infiltrate and hide in ways many other races can't. A single well placed stab or a poisoned scratch will drop pretty much anyone regardless of size.

And I think they get underestimated as warriors too. Skill with a blade can be taught to anyone and brute strength doesn't always win a fight.
I have them all... so I may be a bit biased. What class do you want? We do everything best. Like Tiggers.

I will say my favorites are as follows:

1) Priest
2) Warlock
3) DK
4) Hunter
5) Drood (giggle)

(puts out a little tray of cookies in support of more Gnomes!)
Warrior definitely, when that heritage set becomes available I'm planning to race change my Worgen Warrior to Gnome.
Mage is the iconic scholarly smarty-pants book learn'n class.
Gnomes are an entire race of nerds.

Gnome Mage is therefore the best fit.
Mage. Why? Millhouse Manastorm. The gnome all gnomes should aspire to be.
Toy maker

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