Blood elf mage

Is there any point to rolling blood elf now?

What can a belf mage dispel with arcane torrent that she could have just spell stolen?
nope especially with it being overnerfed in 8.1 because blizz decides to do that instead of tuning dungeons/raids or reducing mass dispel cd

I agree, nerf spell steal :)
11/11/2018 12:04 AMPosted by Salah
I agree, nerf spell steal :)

whats the point of saying that? how is that contributing constructively and helping me answer my question?
they look the best why would you play anything else? you dummy
They hawt i play. Simple.
yeah i know but it used to be i could interrupt things casting and even then i saw its value even when compared against every man for himself. now it really feels awkward and even costs a precious gcd.

by back then i really mean WoD when humans were the flavor.

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