I have saved the albinos

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Greeting my tasty forum user, I was doing some quests in the jungle land, until i gaze upon two giant albino brontosaure! They were huge and a super rare specie too!

As a undead that is pro-life, i can't allow letting those yummy dinos to be extinct. So i gather up the love making team! With me, a voodoo troll woman and a greedy goblin, we shall fix this problem!

They launch me in a series of quests to gather ingredients that i successfully complete it. We made the love potion and gave him to one of them. Strangely, the animal shrink more then half is normal size and he run away to kill a giant flying snake monster. It was so alpha that the other brontosaure came to the tiny one to give his/her love declaration. It was pretty romantic, Idk how they shall do their dino loving with such a size disparity, but nature will find a way, prob in the naughty cave 8).

And that how I save the albinos, my friends, if you ever need the love potion to get a mate, come see at my farm and I'll sell it for a good price.

Thanks and have a good day.
So beautiful! ♥

11/11/2018 08:15 AMPosted by Wiccan
So beautiful! ♥


I know, such beauty.
Better than me I killed the albino T rex in crater. then turned around and killed the albino bird in burning steps. as the hunter watch. Boy was he mad. So many emotes. I wonder if should mention killed super rare red and gold scorpion and monkey with red hat today also.

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