next cq reward

Do we know next cq reward? I caught up to current reward finally and it shows another 370 weapon on the tab, but I’m hoping that’s not accurate. Thankfully I didn’t accidentally buy a ring from a vendor, but I did use my 370 trophy to upgrade a weapon on a dual-wield spec assuming the rewards would follow the same order and be weapon >> azerite chest...
I really think Blizzard have no idea what they're doing with PvP gearing and the weekly conquest reward.They are so out of touch with the playerbase and what they want and enjoy. In BFA they gave us specific brackets and you receive gear based on your highest rating which seems like a good idea but it's very easy to get you rating higher enough that makes the weekly cap reward redundant. I'm starting to see 370 ilvl gear for the weekly cap reward which seems ok but sick of getting upgrades that I don't need. Why cant they just give us vendors so we can select the piece we need? What's the point of getting a 370 weapon when you already have one that ilvl? I'd rather upgrade the slot that has a 360 ilvl piece equipped etc.
im willing to bet it's 100% RNG as to what the next week's reward will be... would be really fitting for this crap gear system

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