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Mobile gaming isn't for me and it's not really for the core audience of blizzcon imo, but that doesn't mean there's no audience for it -- there obviously is. I'm totally fine with blizzard forming a team focused on using their IP to develop new mobile games, but don't announce it at a pc-centric audience like blizzcon as literally the only update for the franchise especially while semi-hyping it up.
11/11/2018 04:38 PMPosted by Kerguelen
How the hell does one play WoW on mobile?

Unless they make it look like and Order and Choas mmo(mobile mmo) mmos ready exist in mobile format
but idk theres a good few mobile games to enjoy but the audance for that is very slim compared to the huge market ether way will probably see "on the go" systems now the switch is out
The SP Devil explained mobile gaming well
I disagree. There will always be games made specifically for pc because of capability and complexity. If you want to play mobile or console games, go play them.
11/12/2018 08:20 AMPosted by Searik
While handhelds always sold better than consoles, I don't think anyone can claim that they ever were a replacement for consoles.

Indeed. It was a companion if nothing else - great for gaming on the go.

11/12/2018 08:25 AMPosted by Andistin
You're overlooking one major thing here - the GBA is a gaming platform with dedicated controls and no touchscreen. The only thing you can do with a GBA is play games, as that's what it was designed to do. Even the Nintendo switch has dedicated controls, but added a touch screen.

A fair point. There is definitely a class of games that works better with dedicated controls.

11/12/2018 08:46 AMPosted by Dyvo
As a child, my mom had a van with a tv in it. We would connect our nintendo 64 to it, and play video games while traveling. Was the Nintendo 64 considered a mobile gaming device also?

Nope. Are you suggesting that handhelds weren't mobile gaming because there was a TV in your car?
If you have a "busy life" that doesn't mean WoW needs to be revamped around you and ruined for everyone else who can manage to play it. I know you didn't say WoW specifically, but once you realize that BlizzardVision is in cahoots with KING the Candy Crush Saga people, you understand why the game(s) suck now.

You are part of the problem. Go play something else that better fits your busy lifestyle, don't ruin good games.
I'd be down for mobile games if somehow they get the whole the phone becomes your desktop thing working well and the games are good enough. But playing games on mobile as it is now isn't a long term thing for me, not comfortable with the controls. I'd prefer mouse & keyboard or controller.
bwahahaha no it really isnt. Most mobile games dont last long nor do they retain players for any real length of time. once you hit the pay wall, and the whales show up the game pretty much dies off.

Mobile gaming is for people who don't really play PC or console video games or just want something to do at work on their phones

Up voting you is my way of down voting the thread maker. Mobile games are simply trash. They exist to frustrate and squeeze people for every penny they are willing to spend.

With the backlash they might have already decided to change the business model in an attempt to make themselves look better. We don't know.
Video killed the radio star.

Mobile gaming is a smart decision. I mean, everyone has a phone, everyone has a bathroom, and everyone has needs after that epic Burrito Bender© last night.

More companies need to learn how to turn Crap into money.
I play mobile games until I have to purchase something to continue... bye bye...
There are too many options to care about any one mobile game and to pay real money for it.

PC gaming and console gaming are for me long term. I will invest in that.
11/11/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Sathyrx
i find myself playing mobile more than anything else these days, yes even wow.

Most of us have busy lives and the mobile games compliment that life style.

When i get home im usually getting ready for bed, or have other obligations. Its rare i can sit down in front of my laptop and get in some dungeons or raiding anymore. If it wasnt for the level boost i prbably wouldnt even be playing this game.

I can understand the logic around the new diablo mobile game. This is the way things are going now.

Mobile games are crappy
11/12/2018 09:44 AMPosted by Gryff
Up voting you is my way of down voting the thread maker. Mobile games are simply trash. They exist to frustrate and squeeze people for every penny they are willing to spend.

Nice generalization.

There are plenty of mobile games that aren't F2P with microtransactions.
I'm looking forward to the "I wasn't watching my kids because I was on a boss fight" excuse in court.

<happy full zoo lion>

Us PC gamers have our children safely planted in front of the TV before getting lost in our game world and that's how it should be!
So many of the people on this thread make me think of the scene from back to the future 2 were the kids watch Marty McFly play an arcade game, And the response was “you have to use your hands? That’s a baby’s game!“

Thought controlled tech exists, it’ll just be a matter of time before it’s common public use.
Mabey mobile gaming is the future for Blizz but it isn't for me. I'll pick up old PC games a replay them before I go mobile. They will find me with a mouse in my hand one day
Mobile games are lower quality and often designed around heavy limitations in gameplay and are riddled with microtransactions and reasons to tempt players into spending hundreds of dollars.

From a business perspective, I get it.

From a gamer perspective... helllll no.
That’s like saying Candy Crush will crush PC and console gaming. Those mobile games make a lot of cash quickly and then most people quit relatively quickly...often with a bad taste in their mouths from wasting money on a bunch of manipulative crap.

Honestly, you have to be stupid to devote yourself to some game built entirely to keep a hand in your virtual wallet. I will grant you that most people are stupid, but most of them also learn, eventually.
I would just like to say that everyone thought CDs were going to finish off vinyl. Then MP3s and Apple. And yet today you can buy records easily and my daughter and her boyfriend have lots of records.

Convenience often threatens quality but, somehow, the high quality experience makes a comeback.
11/12/2018 06:08 AMPosted by Essenti
Mobile gaming is something you do while your waiting for something more interesting or your responsibilities to start.

PC/Console gaming is what your looking forward to when the above is done.

Real big difference.

Pretty spot on description!

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