Sorry but mobile gaming is the future

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11/11/2018 05:40 PMPosted by Notagin
11/11/2018 04:55 PMPosted by Ponykisses
Yes and no...... is it out pacing consoles and PCs gaming yep........

Now these are for US stats

Time spent playing Mobile games is
23 min a day.
2.7 hours a week
5.8 days a year
1.3 years life

Now this is interesting

23% are 65+

So is Mobile game the future maybe but not for mmo based games.... or Diablo like games.......


I'd bet those 65+ crowd are playing Candy Crush and isn't the audience for Diablo Immortal.

There demo that they are shooting for only makes up 34%
Most mobile games are here today and gone tomorrow. They lack any kind of staying power because they have nothing at their core. They are great for when you need to waste and hour or two waiting at the dealership or the airport but other than that, no thanks.
blizzard better come up with some new titles if it is....i dont want to play diablo on my phone or wow.
Mobile is too inconvenient. So is PC.

I just use my imagination now - its the ultimate platform.

And its cheaper by far! :-)
11/11/2018 03:10 PMPosted by Stronghold
Put WoW on Switch.

Mobile and console in one nice, neat package.


Someone hire this man.
Maybe I’m just getting old (29) but I don’t get mobile games at all. I haven’t ever found one that’s been able to keep my attention for longer than 5-10 minutes and the most I ever play them is once or twice, after which they just sit on my phone taking up space. Honestly I’d rather just sit and have a quiet moment when I’m out somewhere in the midst of idle time.
11/11/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Sathyrx
i find myself playing mobile more than anything else these days

I find that hard to believe considering your wives boyfriend doesn't let you own a phone.
Too funny. PC are not going anywhere anytime soon.
11/11/2018 07:13 PMPosted by Chemie
Mobile is too inconvenient. So is PC.

I just use my imagination now - its the ultimate platform.

And its cheaper by far! :-)

I tried to use my imagination. It kept coming up with annoying crap like Pathfinder.
11/11/2018 07:54 PMPosted by Emt
Too funny. PC are not going anywhere anytime soon.
Funny irony is that lets say Bliz was stupid enough to move all their games to some other platform.
There are a million new start ups who'd LOVE to move right in and fill the void of WoW.
And they might not be nearly as annoying in some aspects
11/11/2018 06:47 PMPosted by Sorvethax
Oh yes, I'm sure all of the big tech companies are just dying for people to stop spending copious amounts of money on monitors, mice/keyboards, and all manner of gaming equipment.

Mobile games exist to suck money out of mindless trendsters with ADHD who can't handle ten minutes on a toilet without crushing candy or clashing clans -- people who'll move on and completely forget these games the second their friends/co-workers lose interest. Still driving up and down the street looking for that Charizard, Ash Ketchum?

Good point, toilet games
11/11/2018 05:19 PMPosted by Totschläger
11/11/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Sathyrx
i find myself playing mobile more than anything else these days, yes even wow.

Most of us have busy lives and the mobile games compliment that life style.

When i get home im usually getting ready for bed, or have other obligations. Its rare i can sit down in front of my laptop and get in some dungeons or raiding anymore. If it wasnt for the level boost i prbably wouldnt even be playing this game.

I can understand the logic around the new diablo mobile game. This is the way things are going now.

Mobile gaming will probably die off in the next 15 years if not sooner. Just like the Sony Walkman, it is a fad of limited technology. When we find another new way of communication the cell phone will go the way of the Walkman.

Most people can't see this because they have no vision to see how technology is progressing into the future, time is not on cell phone side. In 50 years time we will be communicating via some implant chip or through a radio way VR technology.

I laugh at people that say but... but... it's the most popular method of gaming in Asia. Ever hear of Pachinko makes mobile gaming look small in comparision.
I actually bought a walkman the very first two months after they came out. They werent cheap. I think I worked For a couple months part time just to buy mine.
pretty cool. All the girls at school loved it, which made the purchase worth it just for that.
But yeah, After a summer or so it got old and I think I remember giving it away or trading it for something.
It was alright. But walking around with music blaring in my ears all day wasnt exactly what i thought it was going to be.
11/11/2018 06:11 PMPosted by Aliandrin
The movies now all have to push the agenda. Great. That's the future. I just don't go to the movies anymore.
yeah...I read that they pulled the next to Star Wars 'solo' movies that were going to be similar to Solo.
I was hyped for months to go see it, then when I read the reviews about that it stunk of political agenda I just couldnt do it.
Maybe when its in the $5 bin....which probably wont be long.
Everywhere I go (office, coffee shops, waiting areas, etc) people are on mobile but I still don't find any real gaming satisfaction from it. A majority of them just don't have the 3 pillars of gaming nailed down - gameplay, graphics and story (even decent lore at a minimum).

Plus the fact that most mobile games either push transactions or annoying ads at you - it really destroys the experience.
11/11/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Sathyrx
Most of us have busy lives and the mobile games compliment that life style.

You're part of the problem with gaming.
I'm OK with mobile gaming. People enjoy them which is great. I have no desire to play them.

The gripe I have with them, is that I feel Blizzard is simplifying WoW in hopes of making WoW more applying to the type of players that play mobile games.

Throw in some E-Sport/E-sport type of activities and WoW players can have their mobile type games in WoW.

Meantime WoW no longer resembles a MMO. No real social interaction is regard to play WoW because it's been designed out of the game.
I'm pretty certain I didn't spend $2,000 on my computer to play games on my phone >.>
11/11/2018 03:14 PMPosted by Nagurum
On the upside, the people who can't get their noses out of their damn phones are the ones who walk into water fountains.

...and traffic.
I had a Gameboy. It was fun for a while. Once I got a real gaming computer with a large screen I could never go back to small screen gaming.

On my PC I have a large screen, input devices that really work well, surround sound speakers, a comfortable chair, an ergonomic desk, and my computer runs such a diverse ecosystem of software from current to ancient. A phone can't compete, and never will.

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