Sorry but mobile gaming is the future

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The only people I know that play games at work all have scrub low paying jobs and they all smoke lots of pot and vape. TBH mobile gaming isn't the "future", it's just another way for people to squeeze in meaningless game time during down time. Mobile gaming isn't engaging or worth while. Anyone who really thinks it's the future that will replace PC and/or console is a moron.
Mobile games aren't new. There were mobile games back in the 80s-90s but that didn't stop PCs or game consoles. I don't think the future is staring at a 5-inch screen and playing games on the toilet.
Sorry but mobile gaming is the future

There always will be a market for powerful systems and games.

The mobile market is about greed while sacrificing quality.

You obviously don't care about quality by starting this shortsighted post.

Enjoy your baby games.
If the Kindle app is considered mobile gaming then I agree with you. If you meant candy cursh the Pinnacle of mobile gaming then let's agree to disagree.
PC will always be master race. LOL
Ok. Let me know how that works out for you.
11/11/2018 03:23 PMPosted by Ironcross
I don't get the mobile gaming thing personally. If I'm not at home and don't have free time, I don't play video games. Why people would want to mix the two things is beyond me.

Hiking? Why the hell would you want to look at your phone?
Working? Unless you're lazy and stealing time, why would you be on your phone?
Spending time with friends? Phone?!
Drinking at a bar.. Phone again?!
Driving.. don't get me started.

Why on earth would anyone want to play video games rather than focus on what they're doing? Does everyone have ADHD now?
travelling to work via train on an hour commute? I guess you could game.

I wouldn't, I'd read or watch youtube vids, but it certainty could be a good time to "mobile game", but I guess I hate how quickly something like Diablo Immortal would drain your phone battery. An hour of gaming max and then you're screwed out of using your phone for the rest of the day, unless you are bringing spare batteries with you or you can charge your phone at work.
you think you do, but you dont
Nice bait.
Some people just love basic skinner boxes, but I hope blizzard keeps making real games.
Its not the same, mobile games are short are boring and lack a real depth.
11/11/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Sathyrx
i find myself playing mobile more than anything else these days, yes even wow.

Most of us have busy lives and the mobile games compliment that life style.

When i get home im usually getting ready for bed, or have other obligations. Its rare i can sit down in front of my laptop and get in some dungeons or raiding anymore. If it wasnt for the level boost i prbably wouldnt even be playing this game.

I can understand the logic around the new diablo mobile game. This is the way things are going now.
Got to love ruining your eyes even faster. Just to play a dumbed down, and mechanically stripped version of a game.
What if I'm using a Nokia 3310. Technically its still a phone, Blizzard.
John Carmack did say that mobile gaming is the future. Went on and made a few iOS games.

I really don't mind a fun single player mobile game, had a lot of fun with The Bard's Tale, Lone Wolf, Samurai Vengeance. Wouldn't touch the multi-player ones since they're most likely pay-to-win nonsense.

I haven't been playing games on my phone for years now but I will definitely play Diablo. Hopefully it's not free, then it shouldn't be pay-to-win.
11/11/2018 03:14 PMPosted by Brahmina
They said photography was the end of painting, too.

Ooo, I like the simplicity and power of this.
For people to be okay with mobile "freemium" games being the future, think about what youre saying. I've played games where people have spent over 50k in a game. How is that a good idea? Even if you have the money, stuff like that prays on people with addictive personalities. I fall under that category but luckily I personally have some control. Only spent 3k on a mobile game I enjoyed.
Out-of-season April Fool's jokes won't be allowed on the new forum next week OP.
i don't really care as long as i can play my PC games s'all good, couldn't give a flying !@#$ about mobile or mobile gamers
I’m not a fan of most mobile games outside of one or two time killers, but I love all the people in the thread Who seem to think mobile games and mobile gaming will not advance technologicly as time goes on. Augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming more and more of a thing. It could be within the next one or two decades that the small computer you carry in your pocket, will simply be in a portal link to a game world you experience via direct neural interfacing. Add In advancments and discoveries in new material sciences and in things like quantum computing, we may be able to hit the limits of human sensory and attentive interaction with technology you can wear as jewelry, or even more scary to some, with tech you can integrate directly into your body.
Vr gaming is the future. For the young kids anyways.

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