100 vs 75 stat Feasts

Would anyone else like to see the Midnight Salmon requirement for the weaker feast removed? It seems kinda strange to me the way this works. If you are already min maxing your stats, and using feasts, you are probably splurging the small extra amount for the 100 stat. I feel like removing a few requirements from the smaller feast actually gives it a use on say a farm boss you don't wanna use good feasts for.

There's a new feast in patch 8.1 called Sanguinated Feast which replaces the Midnight Salmon with Sanguicell. This is a 100 stat feast.
It surprises me people are still complaining about Midnight Salmon. They dont sell at all on my server. They have almost equaled the price of the other fish in the feast. Thats if and when they sell. As of next patch Midnight Salmon will be useless.

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