BM PvE DPS too low passed ~iLvl 370

BM is really good in 10+ keys, lust pet, and spirit beast for survivability, de-enrage, great aoe. With cooldowns capable of some pretty insane burst damage.

There are times where you can be lazy and it definitely shows. It's important to not screw up your barbed shot rotation until it's impossible to get the shot off because of bad proc luck or cooldown catches up.

That is a pretty general way to play though because there are so many different situations depending on what you're doing and where, bosses and trash require two different styles of play normall since you want to beast cleave any group with 2 or more mobs while interweaving barbed.

Just my two cents and I've been pretty successful as a casual player in BFA so far :)
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I do pot and flask, and any parse that you have was from some pug. I dont have a raid guild and do not regularly raid anything. I run some M+ with friends. I also don't play the BM spec anymore because Survival really does perform better.

You're kind of a jerk for coming around telling people they put in minimal effort. You don't know that, and it's an elitist a-hole thing to say.

I'm blunt as a response as these forums are regularly filled with people complaining about low performance wanting buffs when they don't play the spec properly to begin with. Sort of a bad habit of mine really and should be better about it.

This is from the Mythrax you did over the weekend on Saturday as an example. Even using something as simple as Legion flask and Prolonged Power pots is something to add more damage and fairly cheap at this point as they're from the previous expnsion.

Your opener as seen is Cobra, Barbed, KC, BW, Chim, Crows, along with not popping Aspect until over halfway through your BW duration which has no flow or reason to it. The proper opener with Primal Instinct is Pre-cast BW, Barbed, Crows, Aspect, Barbed, KC, Chim, Cobra, Cobra, KC, Barbed to get full effect from Primal Instinct's extra Barbed Shot stack.

You can see as well your CDR efficiency for Cobra Shot is 44%, which means you're effectively over the fight each time you pressed Cobra only gained .44 seconds off your KC over the fight and wasted nearly a full minute worth of KC CDR due to overcasting Cobra over a 7 minute fight. Don't just hit buttons on GCD, BM doesn't have a generator that allows spamming so there are times where hitting nothing at all is a DPS gain as it's more efficient focus use and a much lower waste of Cobra's CDR. Only cast Cobra if KC's CD is more than ~2.5s away as Cobra reduces the CD of KC by 1 second and the GCD caused by casting Cobra is 1.5s, reduced by haste so times like under bloodlust/heroism it can be quite a bit lower.

Here is the Icy Veins guide as well for a more detailed description for playing BM. Learning what you're doing wrong and fixing those mistakes is the best way to make DPS gains and perform at a better level.

Fml ty for this post, I am mythic raiding and this whole time my opener has been wrong. I was wondering why I was getting inconsistent results compared to the other hunter in my group. I completely missed that aspect gives you an extra barbed shot. I have been opening with Aspect this whole time even though I have Primal Instincts.

Well just goes to show no matter how well you think you know your class there is always something you can learn. Take this posters advice OP you and I clearly need it.
BM is fine in pve, lags behind other classes but it isn't as bad as OP makes it out to be.

in PVP, yea......... different story... it's pretty bad
also OP, what others have tried to point out.. is that you played the spec incorrectly, which will directly correlate to your feelings that BM is bad. Use thr advice given if you feel willing to give it another try, and you'll see that it is in fact fine as a spec.

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