Survival Hunter Focus

I never seem to have any. It's frustrating.
Are you weaving KC between RS/MB, or just spamming them?
Yes, but it's not always off cooldown when I'm out of focus. I'm pretty much hitting it when the bar is low, which seems to be between 2-3 RS, a SS, and maybe even a WB or 2.
I am just learning Survival and it really is a fine balance.

I am going to assume Blackfeather is your Survival hunter.

Try taking viper venom that should ease the focus consumption by granting you both more time to generate focus and wait for cooldowns while granting you free serpent stings.

More haste is a given.
So I know I'm doing it wrong but it works so my rotation is:
SS, Bomb, Mongoose, Kill comm, mongoose, kill comm, mongoose, ect. Make sure dots stay up and buffs too. I did not put in rotation but Coordinated Assault is used before fight or after Bomb.

I talent Alpha Predator so I get two kill commands and Hydra's Bite so I don't have to tab target stuff..My sv haste is 18-20% and there are times when I have nothing to do but wait but those are on longer fights.
I prefer Viper's Venom, Guerrilla Tactics, rarely out of Focus, usually have pet issues if I do. That said, I hit the Tab button a lot.

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