How are the forums destroyed?

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Somewhere in the world... of warcraft there is a library. Said library contains all of the WoW forums inside its walls, being maintained and updated constantly by a conclave of hooded CMs.

The CMs are worried, one of them has prophesied (apparently prophesized isn't a word, who knew?) that their beloved library will be razed on the morrow! As dawn approaches they all gather outside muttering among themselves and glancing at the horizon.

Suddenly one let's out a scream and points, "THERE! I see something coming!". The rest of the CMs whirl around and let out a collective gasp, one of them even faints!

What is it that approaches? How shall the forums fall?
It's Jair Bolsonaro with a cohort of Brazilian guards. They wield torches.
Honestly, I thought the forums were already changed.

Because I've only made like, two posts on the Wow forums up until a year ago.

Most of the posts here on my name are on the overwatch and HotS forums
many-tentacled black horrors from the old Gods or something.
the scribe guardians cast beams and pillars of light and holy fire, destroying them. Did they kill them all?

Deep inside the library a dwarf drinks ale. Something emerges from the shadows! The dwarf is afraid, and throws a keg of ale at it, smashing the keg, then deeply complains about the loss of ale. He throws his axe at its head while a priest shackles it (i guess it's undead) and it's defeated.

Damn, whenever I start imagining stories I hate to let the bad guy win. Someone complete it for me.

OK I will finish. A centipede-like giant dark horror rears up outside. The gate guardians are afraid and fire holy fire pillars, but miss as the centipede crosses the ground to them unnaturally fast. It devours one, then the other, then enters the library, black spikes shooting from its body impaling everywhere through the building and destroying the structure. It then shrouds itself in dark mist and somehow curls upward, spiraling and then magically becoming a tower.

The new library awaits adventurers...

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