Which other races need model updates besides Goblins/Worgen?

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Now I am sure all races have some potential things that could use some work or maybe more customization options. That being said, what do you think needs them the most? My opinion is the following races:

1. Humans. Males especially need an option to be skinny. They look unnecessarily roided up.

2. Undead already look awesome, but you'll notice that their models are not up to par with say male belfs or gnomes. Since they are meant to be kind of scary and freaky its easy to get away with their current models.

3. Female belfs and nelfs. This may come as a shock, but if you think about it really, they actually need some work. Both of them have no behind for one and need some texture updates.
Nightborne need to be finished
Did the rest of the races not just get one around WoD ish? Only ones that weren’t touched was Goblin and Worgen with the promise of Soon.(tm)
Male night elves, they were rushed during WoD, in compensation they look hideous and now 98% of the night elven players choose the female model.
Gnomes feel like a rush job that was never really finished; way too many old faces, lack of new faces, and it would be nice for males to have new facial hair options (including no facial hair with eyebrows).
I feel the models for most races are fine, though some stature options for Trolls and Undead would be nice. I feel right now the most lacking thing is character customisation. Some races (Blood Elves/Pandaren) have tonnes of face options whereas others (Gnomes/Tauren) are extremely lacking.

What's funny is that there are many options that could be made simply by separating some categories. Being a Pandaren player, I'll use them as an example and say that, rather than having a Facial Hair option, why not have a separate option for Brow, Moustache, and Beard? I can easily change these things separately on the model viewer, but in-game, it can't be done.

This could easily apply to Trolls with their tusks and face paint, female Humans with their facial and ear piercings, Tauren with their beard and piercing styles, and so on.
LF Draenei seem unfinished. Unless you pick one of those crazy horn styles, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart from regular ones.
Tauren need some help.
Female Tauren.
Go on, look at their muzzles.
They gave Female Tauren a harelip/goat face.
Cow faces do not have the :3 look.
Cows have a flat lip.
Right now, female Tauren are big cows with goat faces :l
Would love it if my female night elf didn't have man hands so I could actually mog fully fingerless gloves...
11/13/2018 08:44 AMPosted by Tovi
LF Draenei seem unfinished. Unless you pick one of those crazy horn styles, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart from regular ones.

They got more cuter hair styles too. It’s fine I’m okay with the older hair and horns on my characters. I don’t need cute hair....

The Worgen/Goblin update is months off so Blizz might fix the issues with the current models too...
no race needs an overhaul but there are quite a few races that needs to be looked at again and have parts of them fixed. Like the male night elf idle animation, when they stand they do this weird swaying back and forth and it makes them look ridiculous. if you look at malfurion his idle stance is different and looks a lot better, male night elves should be using that. Nightborne as well just come off as unfinished, we've got no option for the more slender eyes like all the npcs do, our hair seems less detailed compared to other races and we're missing glowing arcane hands and glowing strands of arcane in our hair.
Nightborne need a lot of work, it's obvious we got WIP models. NElves could also use an update so there's more than one pleasing to look at face per gender.
Nightborne hands are just the weirdest things right now. Almost like void tentacles. Creepy.
11/13/2018 08:32 AMPosted by Viyk
Nightborne need to be finished

I second this.
Anyone else notice the odd idle stand of the Nightborne males have or is it me? I feel like one leg is constantly bent forward while the other is perfectly straight. I dont know why but it really bothers me something fierce.
The female nelf face.

The Nightborne need a lot of work though, i’m still so disappointed by their models.

The males look like grumpy raisins and the females aren’t much better.
11/13/2018 09:15 AMPosted by Shaldoris
11/13/2018 08:32 AMPosted by Viyk
Nightborne need to be finished

I second this.


Nightborne need a lot of work. I leveled one to 110 for the heritage armor, but won’t play it again until they look more like the NPC models.

Changes I want to see...
- more than 3 skin colors
- face options for the males that don’t look old or ugly
- option to have eyes like the npc models
- animations for the males need to be touched up. they’re the same as the night elves, but they look awkward on the slimmed down nightborne models.
- arcane streaks in their hair
Tauren could use some love if Worgen graphical fidelity is so high for their fur, then the highmountain and Bloodhoof could probably use a bit here or there.

Primarily I worry about Non-Playable races.
Like its super jarring, to run around with a new model, and most of the NPCs and animals are newer since that huge model revamp for BFA. And then you run across some old relics that are still around.

My top three are:
Dragons, the Vanilla dragons who aren't aspects. Wyrms, Dragons, and Whelps all look like crap. Well I think whelps got updated in Legion, but those that didn't, fix them.
Gnolls....Gnolls need an update to the level of Quillboar.
And then probably Giants. There are plenty of Old Giant models still in the World. The TBC Stone giants, the Stone giants of Azeroth, the Sea Giants etc (Skrogs exist since Legion but not all Sea Giants are Skrogs I guess)
I think once those two are done, that completes the set. After that, the only editing of models that's needed is for little animation glitches and increasing options for skins / hair / faces. (Not looking at any specific Lightforged at all)

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