RNG x RNG and the loot sytem

Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes
I really like the game story and the new art, not a giant fan of some of simplification of the classes and GCD, but both of those are not nearly as bad the disappointing feel of the loot system.

The forging system makes loot feel disappointing when it doesn't proc. If you need a mechanic to help players catch up or over gear content use the crafting system and have some kind of crafting item drop in Mythics and Raids.

This is only worse when you have a low drop chance item is then also affected by the low forging system chance, which then makes the item drop feel useless because it didn't forge up 15+ levels.

The other terrible part of my experience so far in BFA was, craft helm (yay my first piece of 340 gear) less than 2 hours played time later I get a 340 helm drop...... wait almost a week to finally get a second piece of 340+ azerite gear. in this period I got 4 or 6 more 340 helms (I got so many of the same items in a row, 4 cloaks in a row then a bunch of boots, etc).... and the weapon drop was painful, and having it be un-forged was again disappointing, especially watching the rogue in our group get two 390+ weapons in two days and the warrior DK and Ret Paly share two handers among them. (I don't like the idea of melee hunter and I don't enjoy it)

The Loot system being so RNG is what caused me to un-sub, I much preferred when gear was harder to get but more static and felt like it meant something.

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