Warlock demo dps raids

So I’m leveling my demo lock and in raids I’m normally around 2-5 in dps mostly top 3 but I feel like I can be doing more. I’m currently 355 in item lvl and it’s saying I’m supposed to do around 19k on raidbot. In dungeons I’m doing like 15-17k but in raids i can’t hit over 12k in boss fights in normals but the top guy is doing like 12k. Does more people effect your dps bc more people are playing? Also will affliction put out more dps than demo at the moment?
So I dont believe that you are hitting 15-17k on bosses in dungeons at 355 ilvl as demo.

But yes affliction is going to be better on raid fights until certain Mythic difficulty fights, although you can down 8/8H just fine with any spec.

Itd help if you posted on your warlock so people could see what your gear/talents/traits are.
Affliction puts out more dps than us in raid setting atm due mostly to better mobility and single target dps.

We tend to perform better in M+ due to reliable aoe, short cooldowns, and less need to move.

Which is not to say we suck. Even in raids we do well enough, we just show poorly in the meta-game.

Our mobility isn't great though it's more manageable than people like to admit especially if you spec into Soul Strike and/or Power Siphon. Ramp up time is a hindrance without much relief at all really.

And having powerful abilities such as our only interrupt and singe magic hidden away on pets that cripple our dps is also a major detractors.

It sounds much worse on paper than it is.
Take raidbots with a pinch of salt as it assumes a lot.
pve wise overall, all the Warlock specs are performing great atm. Just if you are talking about a strict raid setting, than Affliction will be the best.

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