Survival PvP advice

Hey guys I'm new to survival and I wanna know, do I go 1x WS and 2x blur or 2x latent? Heard latent got nerfed and isn't worth it but I'm not sure. Or maybe something else? Hunter discord wasn't very helpful when I asked around.

Also, how do I beat dh healer teams? I seem to do well against any team that doesn't have a dh but I get !@#$ on by them
I personally run with 2 blur and and 1 WS. I take alpha and birds of prey. During CA I only use KC and MB, unless out of focus then I throw bombs. Diamond Ice and net are good pvp talents for DH's. Also make sure to run with a raptor, mortal wounds is an essential debuff to have along with masters call.

When you see a DH pop cooldowns, you should just cc them with stun and ice trap and kite them with net. They do drop pretty quick if you get them during CA without defensive, just be ready to harpoon trap the healer if you are doing that.

They are pretty much the highest dps class in the game atm and have insane mobility, so it is a challenge.

Also target switching is necessary, when you see defensives, you should switch targets, just gotta keep the pressure up and make sure the opposing healer doesn't catch a break for a drink and is able to spam heals.
Yea what Straferr say

Also you can use CA during kite with AotE and red bomb up.

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