im a proud altoholic

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i have 1 of each race and 2 pandaren, one for the horde and one for the alliance (im dark iron dwarfless for now until i get them) all set up on 2 different servers. i also made sure i had at least 1 of each class

one server has all alliance, and the other has all horde

i plan on leveling them all to max level without using level boosts because heritage armor

I have a Warrior of at least level 60 for every Horde race except Mag'har and I have a good selection of Alliance Warriors.

Rock on, fellow altoholics.
Since we were on one realm, when we got dual citizenship, my two Allies were put on the same realm as the Horde. Then we merged with two other realms so I got 33 or 36 slots and made more alts.

Now they're all scrambled and it makes my pseudo-ocd twitch every time. Don't want to spend $100 moving chars around and don't want to deplete my gold. So I get that DT shudder every time the char screen comes up.

Altoholic woes.
I have a maxed out account, most of which are rogues or druids. Because stealth is life, stealth is love.
I'm an altoholic. I have a second account to accommodate my fun (not always current, but sometimes).

11/14/2018 07:06 PMPosted by Jelybeantoes
I have a maxed out account, most of which are rogues or druids. Because stealth is life, stealth is love.

I might have a similar fascination, more focused on rogue...
My name is Eyrinjia, and I'm an altoholic. ("Alts: cunning, baffling, powerful.")
And I continue to creep towards soloing Stay Classy -- so far I've got Classy Gnomes, Classy Draenei, Classy Night Elves, and Classy Dwarves, and I'm chipping away at Classy Humans.
My goal is to have one character on Alliance, one character on Horde.

Eventually, just one character.

Alts are the work of the devil. Only through mains can we be made pure.
I desperately want a couple more character slots per realm that aren’t tied to adding new allied races...

My roster:
Human Paladin
Dwarf Hunter
Night Elf Druid
Night Elf Demon Hunter
Gnome Hunter
Worgen Rogue
Void Elf Priest
Lightforged Priest
Dark Iron Warlock
Pandaren Monk
Orc Warlock
Troll Warrior
Undead Death Knight
Blood Elf Mage
Goblin Shaman
Nightborne Mage
Highmountain Hunter

And that leaves me with 1 character slot left to fill and 3 missing races >.<

I don’t have Mag’har unlocked yet...
My Draenei was replaced with a Lightforged.
I don’t really know what I wanna make a regular Tauren as...
I have 2 Night Elves because Blizzard threw me a curve ball in Legion...

I just need 2 more character slots >.< and even when we get 2 more with Zandalari/Kul Tirans, I’ll still need 2 more...
I have an absurd number of druids, at least one of each race that can be the class. Most of them are farmers because it's really nifty to insta-mount and swoop in on herbs/ore/fish and then swoop out. Also prowling when I don't want to deal with mobs while trying to reach a resource.
11/14/2018 07:35 PMPosted by Eyrinjia
My name is Eyrinjia, and I'm an altoholic.
Hello Eyrinjia.

I have 35 characters on two accounts. Unless it's 36.
*stands up*
"My name is Holusolus and I'm an Altaholic."
"Helloo Holusbolus"
Hi well I have 33 toons. I have 9 level 120s.
I can't stop levelling up toons.
Well it all started because I wanted to collect mounts.....
I have 31 level 110-120s, including 2 of every class. I had 34 but cut back to 31 because my BFA goal is 3 level 120s of each class, with 1 on each faction.

I have the first 4 allied races, so I will use the other 4 allied races for 4 of those 5.

I don't have every race. Right now I have no Gnomes, Orcs, Undead or Trolls. I've tried all those in the past but never got them above level 50.

To get around the character slot problem I re-arranged From 2 accounts on 1 server to 1 account on 4 servers (2 alliance, 2 horde) in Legion. Doing that "cost" me many tokens -- I "bought" 72 tokens with game gold in Legion.

I have 2 unused boosts. I'm not proud -- maybe I will use them in BFA. We'll see.
If you look at my guild, see the level called "altitis"? [ETA: Rank 4] They're. All. Me.

Also, the banker, and this girl (the GM).

And that's just my alliance chars.
/fist pump
Me too! Happy Altoholic here.
Play casters and melee, no tanking or heals.
I have so many alts.
2 dks
2 DH
2 hunters
1 rogue
1 monk
1 druid
1 shammy
1 preist
1 paladin
1 warlock
1 Warrior

All are 100 or higher.
I don't understand why you want so many characters. This is my main and I have a pally I leveled to 120 but I rarely play her except for mount farming old content. I'll probably level one of my old horde characters when 8.1 hits just to see the story and why the hell we are in Uldir but other than that I just don't find wow interesting enough for a ton of toons.
The end of legion I had 15 lvl 110s. With a bunch of various levels I was still working on. BFA wise, I only have 5 of them to 120. I just haven't had it in me to level anymore for some reason. I do my dailies, then start playing heroes of might and magic 3 random maps xD or waiting for my D&D groups to start.

The burn out this expansion has hit me a lot faster than usual.
I have one if each at level 100+, and
Am working on releveling one of each race to unlock heritage armors

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