What if Sylvanas surrendered to Bwomsandi?

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Hypothetically, what would happen if Sylvanas surrendered to Bwomsandi and entered whatever afterlife he watches over? It seems like it would be a win-win situation for both of them - she (presumably) doesn't have to face the void afterlife / shadowlands and Bwomsandi no longer has to worry about her. I'm also assuming this would essentially end the faction war immediately.

I'm not really seeing an issue with why this wouldn't work. Bwomsandi doesn't seem like he's overly picky with which souls he collects, and there's nothing explicitly stating that his realm is for trolls only. On Sylvanas's end, it's not the Halls of Valor (I assume this is where she was originally headed, based on the description in the short story), but it's not the Shadowlands either. As for everyone else, both factions seem to agree that Sylvanas is the issue, so it's a "win" (in that it simply ends the war quicker).

(If she doesn't surrender willingly, there's always a death-empowered Talanji to force the issue.)
Sylvanas doesn't like being owned by anyone, seeing as the last guy who owned her forced her into helping him butcher her people.

The point about Talanji is interesting though... death might actually be her's to master, or at least clash.
I think Sylvanas would rather destroy the world utterly rather than give in quietly. Regardless of the ultimate outcome.
She's protective over her forsaken, so I don't think that she'd do it.

Hypothetically if she did, though, then Bwonsamdi would likely get overthrown by her, and the factions would have to deal with an even further empowered Sylvanas. Which I don't think anyone wants lol
Whatever else might be said about Sylvanas, ‘surrender’ is not in her playbook. She really does both challenge and embody the idea of ‘never say die’.
I have a feeling she’s gonna go around consuming all of azeroth’s death deities. Mostly based on her sayin “Death is mine to master”.

Sorta like Nagash from AoS

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