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So on this Paladin I have played 640 Rated Arenas and 18 Rated Battlegrounds.
I have not received a single Helm so far.
What always made Wow fun for me is that I could work towards a predictable outcome for my character.

Especially now with Azerite gear it is really important to have certain pieces of gear.
If it where Pve i get that the loost has mostly always been random but not in PvP.

Overall I am very happy with the changes made to PvP btw. I like the redesign of the Ranks and the crates after each win and overall PvP in BFA.
But why not have marks of honor be the currency for buying PvP items from a Vendor.
Now even you can farm your entire set within a shorter time that way, you will still need to upgraded it when you reach a higher Rank.
So it would still take a good amount of time.
But like I got a Trinket in 380 Titanforged that is useless to me.
And I dont get the feeling that most people enjoy getting random loot or have ever enjoyed it compared to previous gearing models.
Azerite pieces comes only on Weekly chest.

Yeah, this system sucks. BFA sucks.

I stopped questioning blizzard's decisions, Hope they smarten up. It's getting hard to justify majority of their actions. I miss pvp vendors, go out and work for the best, rng doesn't keep me engaged it keeps me from bothering to try at all.
They can't please everyone.
Ive gotten a Azerite chest but in 330.
They really dont give you Azerite Epics form the crates?
it takes 1-2 hours to get to 1400 youll see loot keep playing ....but if you want useful azerite armor..youll need to pve...

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