Vol'Jin Headhunter Rep

OK I read the guides and they all say there should be 4 dailies but I'm only getting one from Nimi Brightscale. At 250 rep a day this is going to take months to be able to fly. Any help would be appreciated. I tried Googling it but can't find anything. Am I missing quests leading to the dailies?

Grinding all this rep to fly in all these zones after a 4 year break is the worst thing I have ever done in any game period. Draenor, Broken Isles and Dalaraan. 2 weeks I've been running the dailies before I looked at a guide and realised I should be getting 5x what I'm getting now so I already wasted a lot of time. Yes, I know about medallions but theyre 10k each on my server so thats a no go. Thankyou in advance for any time spent helping me.

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