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10/11/2018 08:08 PMPosted by Amaer 125 skill, EVERY POSSIBLE skill up requires a metric butt-ton of Expulsom?

Also, is there a GOOD reason why you've made Expulsom so incredibly difficult to obtain?

I've smushed 6 epics today and only ONE Expulsom from the lot.

There is a reason why. Asmongold who you may not have heard of made a video that touches on that among other things.
It's so bad. Especially since everything goes green for those last 5 points, other than the goggles and mount.

Nothing like spending 5 expulsom for a chance at 1 point! Trust me, you'll waste less just saving the 20 for goggles each time.
Not even a new MOG for the goggles
10/14/2018 08:45 PMPosted by Hremly
Not even a new MOG for the goggles
Nope. Only reason I made mine is in the likely vain hope that Blizzard adds upgrade patterns for them in future patches.

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