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Hey everyone, I'm currently a 369 Affliction Warlock with previous top 50 US raid experience in previous expansions looking to find a new home. I took a break during part of WOD / all of Legion but have come back and am looking for join a guild to progress with. I would pref Horde but am open to all options that fit within my schedule. I am only looking for active guilds that do things outside of raid as well.

2-3 nights a week
8-12am EST

Please leave your guilds info here as well as a contact BTag to get ahold of you.

Dead Guild:
8/8 Heroic & 2/8 Mythic
Raid Schedule: Tues/Thurs 9PM-1AM EST (6PM-10PM PST)
Raid Format: 20 Man/Mythic
Recruitment Needs: Open to exceptional players of all classes.

Dead Guild of US-Mal'Ganis is one of the premier two night per week 20-man guilds, with a strong history of success. All on just 2 nights and 8 hours per week.

Our goal is to create a competitive atmosphere and a laid- back environment where our members can enjoy raiding on a lighter schedule, but still progress at an advanced rate. Attitude and personality fit are emphasized as we're firm believers in not only finding excellent players, but players who get along and work well together.

We're always looking to add excellent players with the mindset that our mythic roster is never complete. We will take the best players whether they've been with us for years or are fresh applicants.


We're looking to add the following classes/roles:

Mage, Hunter, Balance, S-priest, Warlock, & Ele shaman, Demonh Hunter, Death Knight
DPS recruitment is fairly open, so if you feel that you are a strong contender we encourage you to apply.

Dis or Holy Priest, Resto Druid or Resto Shaman
The rest of our healing core is pretty set at the moment, however every spot on the team is competitive. If you feel you would be an asset to the team please apply.

We will consider all exceptional applicants as well regardless of class!


All new trials will undergo a three week trial process, with a review after two weeks. During the trial phase we are looking at all aspects of you as a raider, from your reliability, your personality, attitude and how you handle mechanics. We stress personality and attitude fit above all. We require all approved trials to transfer to Mal'Ganis before we begin your trial.

Reminder that Loot is now personal loot!

Mandatory Addons:

Angry Assignments- notes used for bosses

DBM/Bigwigs- Boss Countdowns and reminders.

Weak Auras- We post important strings for boss abilities.

Exorsus Raid Tools- Used for notes, boss mods and other features.

Please add us below after applying to speed up the process of responding to your application:


Thanks for your interest!
<I Dont Even Like Raiding> of Zul'jin. We are currently looking for strong, reliable players to fill our ranks.

<I Dont Even Like Raiding> is a Semi-Hardcore 20 man raiding guild. we are primarily focusing on progressing through tier 22 and moving on to Mythics as a team. We don't stress too much if you can't make a raid and try to run as drama-free as possible. Please apply to our guild with a positive attitude, ready to wipe and be allergic to fire.

Our raid times are 8-11 pm EST on Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday.

All and any exceptional application will be reviewed and considered.

Contact Zuxas, Choochbear, Medii, or myself Pandise.
My Bnet is BurrKnee#1481
Hey, we are <Anomaly> - US-Mal'Ganis, a 2 day (Sun/mon 10pm-1am CST) late night CUTTING EDGE mythic raiding guild. We are currently 2/8 (3% Zek), looking to fill core spots. We are looking for someone who is competitive and has a drive and work-ethic that will produce great results.

After reading your post, would be happy to be able to speak with you more on your plans in recruiting and what you are looking for, and how you could help our team progress through mythic..


If you find this interesting and want to know more, please reach out to me on Bnet @ Jaydee#1574 , look forward to speaking with you.
Check out the recruiting discord for NA & OC: https://discord.gg/vN2sWsB ^_^ Happy hunting!
Han Shot First is currently recruiting any and all exceptional players for our core raiding team(Tues-Thurs). We are a guild that prides itself on hardcore progression and effort, with a semi-hardcore relaxed environment. We allow everyone a fair shot to make our core team, but if we don't like what we see than we will not be keeping you on the core team and asked to step down to either the bench or into a casual spot.


What is your progression? 8/8 Normal, 6/8 Heroic, 2/8 Mythic. We are building our team with intent to push mythic progression and ideally cutting edge next tier.

What are your raid times? Our core team raids Tues-Thursday 9-12 EST.

What are your current class needs? Well, we currently are recruiting all exceptional players for our core. For specific classes needed, check our WoWProgress page @ https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/zul-jin/Han+Shot+First.

Are you intending to make a second raiding team? Possibly, we are currently more focused on building a strong, competitive core team.

What is your goal for the core? We plan to be competitive within the server and push for the highest progression we can with our hours.

Do you allow off server raiders? No, for trialing yes but after that you must be within the guild, on the server.

How can I get in contact about this guild? Btag me(GM) Kreda#1892 or my Co-GM Outlaw#1723.
Hey, <Dark Omens> is a semi-hardcore alliance guild on proudmoore. Currently 8/8H and 2/8M we are looking for some more ranged dps to fill out our roster to push into mythic Uldir, and I think we could be a good fit.

Our Raid times are T/W/Th form 5:30pm-8:30pm pst for our main team, however we also have non-required alt/casual runs on Sat/Sun from 1:00-3:00pm pst
We do multiple +10's a week in the guild as well as some arena.

We're looking for solid players who are able to commit to the raid times and are committed to getting better and killing mythic bosses.

If you are interested in talking more please add me on Discord Koehl#6614 or Bnet Koehl#11995 (Discord is easiest for me but whatever works for you). I would love to chat with you about any questions you might have and see about setting up a time for you to come check us out in a raid environment.
Hey, we're looking to add a strong Warlock to our team. 2/8M 8/8H, add me on Bnet if you are interested Dcoy#1399
Hey there,
Loli Waifu Death Squad on Proudmoore is recruiting for our weekend raid. We do mythic keystones, achievements, tmog runs, etc through the week.

Here is more info:

and you can also contact me on my btag as well: Malice#11382
Hey there. I notice you listed your availability as 8-12 EST. I hope there's a little flexibility because otherwise you seem like the kind of player we're looking for.

<Legacy Reborn> is a 2-night guild on Area 52. We never add days, and pride ourselves on making the most out of the time we have. We have achieved Cutting Edge every tier since Throne of Thunder (with the exception of a 4% Blackhand wipe) and intend to keep this tradition going.

Raid times - 8:30-12:30 EST Tuesday/Thursday
Current progression - 6/8M
Current needs - Warlock

Obligatory wowprogress link - https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/area-52/Legacy+Reborn

Contact info:
Btag - FrostyShot#1667
Discord - Yarini#9999

I hope the difference in raid times isn't a deal breaker. I'd love to hear from you.
Hi there!

I read your post and I think my guild, <Exõdus>, could possibly be a great fit for you!

We raid Tuesdays & Thursdays 9-11:30 Eastern, we're pretty cool and I hope you'll check us out if that's workable for you!

Our goal as a guild is to be part of a community where members don't just raid together, we also run Myth+ dungeons as a team and buddy up for sanity while we do the daily and weekly hamster wheel quests.

The atmosphere of our raids is pretty relaxed. We joke around a bit during the trivial stuff, and then focus and get things done on the new pulls. I like it because it's a great way to unwind in the evening.

A lot of us are really big fans of myth+ content, and we love to run dungeons as a team. We try to make sure everyone at least runs something each week to get their cache, but if dungeons are your thing we'd very much like to add you to the team that tries to push keys as high as possible.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I hope you'll contact me or drop into our discord and get to know us!

Contact: Bnet | Discord
Soteria#1103 | Soteria#3426

4/8M uldir

We're an established and mature semi-hardcore mythic progression focused guild. We're not seeking server firsts, but we do want to clear the top tier of content. If you're looking for a consistent guild that makes progression targets, without the demands of those in the World First races, Dominion might be the place for you.

Raid times:
Tues 8-11pm Est
Wed 8-11pm Est
Thurs 8-11pm Est

Current Needs
Healer (Monk or Priest), Mage, and Hunter.

Exceptional applications for any class will be considered regardless of the above, we're recruiting raiders, not just their class!

Dominion was established in 2005 on Alter of Storms and in 2012 transferred to Stormrage. Our officer core has provided stability for many years. We have made multiple progression targets over the years:

8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul

14/14 Heroic (Mythic) Siege of Orgrimmar

13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel

11/11 Mythic Antorus the Burning Throne

How to Apply
Please fill out an application on our site to apply:
Reach out to an officer with questions Aaemon#1798 Selneia (Violative#1812), Shamzchief, Cyclone, Sarisia (solarshadow#1696), or Aureilie
We're interested and I think you'd be a great fit! Add one of us and let's talk. I’m best reached via Discord.

Muk // Btag: Pro#1435 // Discord: Muk#3230
Kuryso // Btag: Keoke#1367 // Discord: Keoke#5039
Minimandruid // Btag: Minimanlow#9481 // Discord: Minimanlow#9481
raid schedule: Tues/Sun 6pm – 9pm MST
more info: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20766646572
<Deadbeat Dads>
<NA> <H> <Zul'Jin>
Deadbeat Dads has existed in some capacity or form since 2009. Originating on Kargath Alliance in November of 2009 as Reconstructed, we have now become the Horde guild Deadbeat Dads of Zul’Jin. We have withstood the tests of time for one simple reason, friendship. It is the core value of everything we do here at Deadbeat Dads. In a game with many raiding options, players are often inclined to “see if the grass is greener” for many reasons (progression, attendance issues, raid environment etc.). We have found that this is minimalized and reduced when people are surrounded by those they consider friends. We are loyal to one another, and as a result the guild.

It is a privilege to enjoy our community and the bonds of friendships it offers. If you think you could be a dynamic piece of our team and family, feel free to apply or contact us. We are always excited by the opportunity to add more quality people to the equation.

Raiding Teams

Deadbeat Dads is currently the home of two progression raiding teams, for sake of ease we call them the MTW Team, and TS Team.

MTW Team:

Raid Schedule:Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:00-12:00 PM EST
Current Progression:8/8H, 4/8M
Points of Contact: PureEvil#1263
Team Goal:Cutting Edge, server top 5, and US top 100 (or better)
Trial Period:2 weeks minimum
Where to apply:Please add our Battletags and talk to us directly or fill out an application on our website.
Current Recruitment Needs:1 Ranged (Warlock/Mage/Hunter) and 1 healer (Rdruid/HPriest only). All exceptional applicants considered, so even if your class/spec isn't listed, please apply.
Burning Sensations (8/8H, 2/8M) is a two-night semi-hardcore guild on Zul'jin. Our core is made up of ex-hardcore raiders who can no longer commit to a hardcore schedule, but who would still like to clear all content at an efficient pace.

We raid Wed & Thurs, 9:30 - 12:30 EST, and aim to keep a chill but competitive environment. If you think you'd be a good fit, shoot us an app or contact Locke#1808, Kellasaurus#11988, or Navi#1943 with any questions.

Apply Here → https://goo.gl/forms/2FTRsf7eNFGiSMrl1
Check out the recruiting discord for NA & OC: https://discord.gg/vN2sWsB ^_^ Happy hunting!
Hello. <Drow> 8/8H 2/8M is an Alliance guild on the Doomhammer realm. We're a long standing PVE raiding guild since vanilla WoW with numerous top 20 US kills under our belts. Our aim is to provide a good team environment and kill bosses while doing so.

Our raid schedule is Tues.- Wed. 6:30 PM-9:30 PM PST

We are currently recruiting DPS for BFA and beyond.

You can also contact me via my battle tag: Anticlergy#1303.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
[Horde] Iliterit-Hyjal is a progressive minded guild aiming towards clearing high end content in a fashionable amount of time while maintaining an enjoyable community in a positive raiding atmosphere.

Lead by experienced past Mythic raiders hoping to create a guild that strives for greatness and one that will become a staple as a raiding guild. We are not interested in being world 1st but at least would like to be competitive within our realm. Aiming to go as high as we can against these other wonderful guilds.
Our schedule is not very demanding only raiding 9 hours a week, but we do expect forward progress in some form each night of raid.

Current BFA progress:
Uldir: 1/8M 7/8H 8/8N

Raid times: TUES/WED/THURS 8:30pm-11:30pm Eastern Standard Time

Please refer to the WoW Progress link for full guild information.

If interested in joining/ would like to ask any questions, contact:
GM/RL: Manteca/Axiel- Bnet: PolarBear#1688 Discord- Axiel(Invic)#2243
Recruiter: Ashelymae – Bnet: xCH4SE#1730 Discord: xCH4SE#1110

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