How to AoE as MM in dungeons?

I'm saying F it and just going MM even if it's not ideal and while I know how to play the ST steady aim spec I have no clue how that translates to M+

Since I plan to keep the 1101012 steady aim build so I can actually do ST damage how do I use this to aoe? Do I fish for LS procs and then multi shot into rapid fire or do I use aimed. Do I just do the St rotation and multi before a LS proc?

Also I refuse to play explosive shot until the changes.
Spec BM
According to icy-vains the Marks spec is minus 17% versus Survival on 4+ mob multi-target DPS.

You can't fix broken with a clever rotation, and especially if you're mentally stuck on using a specific talent setup no matter what.
Just do your single target rotation, but instead of using arcane use multi. Also only use multi when there are 3 or more mobs.
You don’t. MM AOE is horrible. Just think about it: Aimed Shot, then MS to trigger Trick Shot if you manage to hit three targets, then Aimed Shot to bounce it (hope you crit!) then use MS again, then Aimed (if your target is still alive by the end of the cast) or RF.

Compare this to BM: MS every three seconds, Beast Cleave everything.
MS> AS> MS(*1 or *2)> AS > MS until AS is at 5-6 sec on CD > SS until AS comes up> repeat

Use RF during low health switching
Just remember to multishot before aimed shots and rapid fires, barrage when up, Bursting shot to inturrupt in mythic +'s

Just gotta remember to swap your gear and talents for single target boss fights, thats the tough part.
Beast Mastery and Survival have AoE/Cleave. Marksmanship does not.

Multishot hits like a wet noodle, and doesn't bring anything to the table over a straight DPS rotation. You can still clear trash with it, though.

We're the weakest ranged DPS class, we don't have AoE or cleave, and a pet's utility will outpace the Lone Wolf talent.

However, I enjoy MM far more than I thought I would -- and maybe should. I find the single DPS rotation boring, but you can openly see the damage your taking off the mob.

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