When did you realize live wasn't good?

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When AoE tanking zerg rushed 5 man dungeons became a thing. I believe that was officially the way it worked in WOTLK, that is when I left. Oh and cash shop was added ... that too was a reason. I do not play cash shop games.
WoD was the last expansion for me and there were just so many things I didn't like at that point. I hated LFR and CRZ, I never liked transmog, I didn't like how easy it was to level up, garrisons were horrible and they made me think I was playing some kind of mobile single player game, there was no sense of community at all, world pvp was non existent, the story was absolutely terrible and I could keep going...
Raiding with my guild was literally the only thing that was fun.

Since Vanilla WoW "fixes" almost all of those issues, I'm really interested in classic.
My first big one was sometime in BC. I felt like the game was becoming for casuals and people who didnt care about the RPG aspect of the game. I detested xrelam BGs and the AV nerfs and thought this is it, this game is dead. (LOL thinking back now).

I remember me and half my guild quit WoW in BC to go play "Age of Conan" because we all thought it was going to kill WoW. LMAO.

The first time i felt the game was truly going in a direction that disturbed me was ToC and the first real gear-reset that was mid-expansion. Up to that point there had never been a mid-expansion gear reset, so all our hard work in Ulduar felt like an utter waste of time. We were so furious we all quit until ICC came out.

Then ICC came out and mostly eased my fear...until Dragon Soul and Pandas came and I decided I no longer play WoW specifically for the gameplay so much as all my guildies that I have raided with now for 10+ years.
When I spent months grinding a raid, only to have a 5 man introduced in a patch later give better bis.
i knew the game was starting to go down hill a few days into Burning Crusade.
i still kept playing till the prepatch for crapaclysm came out and i rage quit and havent hardly played at all since
Around mid cataclysm I began to notice the game was losing its touch
11/06/2018 09:15 PMPosted by Spookyfox
Around mid cataclysm I began to notice the game was losing its touch

Cata was when I quit playing the first time.
January 17, 2007
I made it all the way to Legion still enjoying the game.

Titanforging, RNG Legendaries, and daily quests that are exactly the same as daily quests but for some reason never end killed it for me.
oops! I thought this was the bathroom!
I enjoyed the zones as well as the fishing in Draneor.
Even though the whole follower thing made alot of us lazy, I still enjoyed it at least until the shipyard.

When Legion came and forced this legendary down my throat as well as cut off my alts, it was all just too much, so I said !@#$ it and quit.
For me it was in WotLK. Talent trees got stripped of so many skills that for most tiers there was no real choice in the matter, it launched with virtually no new raid content, just dragon encounters and a naxx retuned for 25 man raids. Hard modes seemed to be a cop out to try to shoehorn in extra replay at the last moment, rather than the fights being designed from the ground up with hard modes in mind. By abandoning discrete 20/40 or 10/25 man content in favor of single instances that pulled double duty, it felt like a huge opportunity was lost for making true "heroic" difficulty versions of instances just so they could ship with less content. Content drops no longer felt like bonus free content the way they did in vanilla and BC, Wrath felt like the game was shipped before it was even close to finished. If AQ and Naxx had never been released for vanilla, it would have still felt like a full game. If Sunwell and Caverns of Time hadn't been added to BC, the expansion would have still felt like a complete experience. But, in Wrath, the amount, quality, and depth of content felt lacking even after the expansion was finished. The second content drop (the argent tournament thing) felt like a total con job. Like something rushed out with no real place in the game because they knew ice crown wasn't going to be ready in time. It was around this time (WotLK era and the activendi merger) that the game just started to feel like they were trying to see how money they could squeeze out of players while putting as little money back in as they could. They started the rapid decline where they became far more interested in trying to simplify the game to make it more appealing to new players at the expense of the depth that captivated existing players. They gambled that habit, inertia, and the lack of any meaningful "WoW killer" would keep the bulk of established players loyal. They were wrong.
One of the biggest hits for me was iirc the BC prepatch where they introduced Xrealm BGs to vanilla.

It was like overnight a really strong pvp community died completely. To this day anything Xrealm has royally annoyed the heck out of me.

Tol-Barad held some great times for me since it had that community, but then Ashran killed it with Xrealm.

I wish they would introduce same server BG queues to live it would be so great.

Apart from that there is the distinct devaluation of achievements by handing them out later... pvp titles / gear, RAF mounts, gear etc. It seems like nothing is worth anything haha.
As soon as Horde got Paladins and Alliance got Shaman.
I started at the sunwell patch... so I didn't get to raid till wrath.

I saw the seeds when elites in wrath could be soloed while leveling.

But the post Ulduar patch lfd and easy mode loots via 5mans was the beginning of the decline.

Though I loved all of wrath and both 10 and 25 man ulduar and ICC.

I have bought each xpac since including cata like a year or after launch on sale.


Cata-Disjointed world experience, Talent Trees destroyed(its still fun to play with talent tree calculators ffs even now for me every era had its charm)

MoP Very good pve and pvp gameplay which made up for the nerfing.

WoD......game on rails sigh

Legion I enjoyed with caveats....templates....lol MATH is, wait for it ...


I realized this when Classic was announced.
i was going to comment that i realized it while inside my garrison, but i happened to read the responses on the first page and i said the same thing in october. well, hey, lookie there.
i actually really enjoyed the addition of many of the convenience features that so many people here despise, such as crossrealm BGs and dungeon finder. there were a few things that irked me along the way (primarily in cata), but i mostly enjoyed the game until WoD. pruning, garrisons, ashran, and blizzard's stance on flying at the time all collectively forced me to unsubscribe. i came back for a month with gold in legion to level with friends, but we didn't even make it to level 40.
I love LFD/LFR, although I would prefer if they were realm-only.

I have never been a fan of any cross-realm stuff, but I do enjoy the group finding tools.
11/06/2018 07:20 AMPosted by Ippollite

Actually... maybe pally aoe tanks in TBC. Same thing. But at least there was some cc instead of aoe ball of death zerg pinata of wrath.
Wrath was still the moment i stopped caring about group synergy, however. So wrath.

Before everyone had gotten through Naxx you had to CC wrath dungeons.

And I remember tanking Heroic shattered Halls to get the Figurine of the Colossus ...no cc wipefest incoming.

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