Why I have quit World of Warcraft for the final time.

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I started playing WoW during the vanilla era. I don't remember the exact patch but I started a warrior (Demonkiller) on Gnomeregan and worked it up to max level of 60 and was able to make it to Lieutenant Commander before the honor system was changed. I began to do some raiding as well as dungeons with a guild and continued into Burning Crusade and enjoyed it immensely. I really loved the Karazahn progression and remember doing the work to get in and through it all. Near the end the guild fell apart with some people transferring toons to other realms.

The problem was this, I am disabled and on a fixed income so paying to transfer is completely out of the question. I scrimped and saved to be able to buy the collectors editions of each expansion or begged and borrowed what I couldn't save. The only collectors edition I do not currently have is the original. And that is due to having no initial desire to pay a monthly fee but after dealing with a group in a free to play game and constantly putting out money I didn't have towards the server costs it dawned on me that I may as well play a game where I didn't have to worry about policing a server while everyone talks BS behind my back.

After the first guild fell apart I played a little in Wrath of the Lich King and eventually had a friend invite me to Medivh where MuttMutt eventually came about but I started off with a death knight so that I could earn enough gold from high level quests to take and help buy items for toons I would eventually work up to max level. I joined the friends guild with the promise that I would be able to have a group to raid with again. I don't mind doing things with groups but prefer to group with people I know if at all possible or let someone else set things up. The friend was rarely online even though I knew them IRL and the guild basically had no need for my services since they had a core dungeon and raid team that was full. I pretty much quit and didn't play until near the end of Cataclysm.

I started back playing again when I was able to pick up a heavily discounted collectors edition locally and figured why not. I was able to find a group who was advertising they needed DPS for stuff and MuttMutt was fairly well geared at the time. I went along and eventually made arrangements with the GM to place a toon in their guild and level it up. I had created my own bank guild and most of my toons were in it but it worked out well for both sides until the end of the expansion when another guild was absorbed. Again I was no longer needed as they could fill the roster out. This was extremely disheartening as I had leveled multiple toons up to the max as well as geared them to go into the raids and on raid nights would pull generally three to four toons and park them outside the raid so that I could flex to fill the needed role. Using a death knight to grab the goblin sappers freeze them in place in one fell swoop was all that kept the group alive a lot of nights and I don't think I have a single toon that had actually completed all of the dragon soul raid though I have actually done every single one.

I found another group in Mists of Pandaria and ran with them in much the same way though the group eventually also started to drop off. At this point in time I was able to have 5 or 6 max level characters. In Warlords of Dreanor I just opted to go it alone for quite a while until I again found a group but at this point it had turned back into the elitist game of you have to get the best in slot item to be a worthwhile group and those people left for an elitist guild after tearing the group apart. The GM stopped playing along with a few other people including a nice young woman who wanted to just have fun and enjoy. We were doing progression and she was getting constant nasty messages.

I played some and had a total of 8 max toons in Warlords of Draenor with another pair nearly maxed. Sadly the system of constantly logging in to multiple toons so you could send followers on missions burned me out. I stopped playing and for the most part never intended to pick it up again. Legion went by and again I was able to grab a collectors edition at a steep discount so I grabbed it but never once logged on a paid account.

I heard the news that item changes would happen so that now every stat was pretty well equal and things would be simpler but it just wasn't enough. I could still see the theory craft sites where you still needed one item to have the best chances of getting into high level groups and often times raiding the high level content.

Battle for Azeroth came out and I was gifted 30 days of time so I decided to take it and see if I could make things happen and use gold to buy my game time. I had a little extra stashed so I bought the collectors edition as I have always done previously. I had two boosts available and a friend I had raided with was on Zuljin so Soulhrvstr was born and boosted to 110. I made about 350,000 gold in a month but the game just isn't a good fit. I use speakin spell to break the monotony by feeding random stuff in. It makes me laugh when my toon summons a mount by combining two random things from a list of 100 possible choices. And some days laughter is what I need to overcome the pain I constantly deal with. I have sadly had people make negative comments directed at me by people and that is part of the reason why I will no be coming back ever again. The constant duplicate junk that is a pain to get rid of is another, I mean how many of the same broomsticks does a single toon need? And then you have the in game spam. It used to be about putting in the time and doing the work, now it's just about how much gold you can get and the guys with the big bank accounts can then get the mythic 10 gear and runs through the heroic raids. I understand that some people don't have a lot of time to put in but then again if you are just going to stand around with your thumb up your butt while someone else does the work you could easily just watch a video for free.

Couple that with more griding to have resources to again send followers out on missions and try and boost the azerite power and the huge mistake of losing the ability to take the item that is not best in slot and at least make it work till you can get it and I finally last night said "I think I am done."

I know Blizzard has to attempt to make everyone happy which is not easy to do but something really needs to be done about the state of things. It is as unsustainable now as it ever has been even though the stat squish happened and there are less spells and abilities and less secondary stat differences the problems go deeper. The constant level 1 spammers on every realm that guilds are using to make gold is just plain wrong. And mark my words but it will only get worse. Take this from someone who has put literally thousands of hours into the game. Even without playing much in Cataclysm and nothing at all in legion, adding up the time on just some of my longest toons I have well over 4000 hours played and account wide it's probalby closer to 6000 hours.

I have liquidated all the current level materials and transferred nearly all my gold to someone I know that does not and can not raid or do dungeons due to their disability so that they can pay for their account for a few months and if they keep farming materials a little longer. But at this time I doubt I will ever see another WoW server again and this is likely the beginning of the end for the game in general.


MuttMutt Medivh
Demonkiller Gnomeregan
Soulhrvstr Zuljin
Horrorspawn Medivh
Irhmeister Medivh
You're really better off without wow. It has reached the point where it cannot retain players anymore.

Sure, people 3m people bought bfa. Only a few of them stays.

The guild i just joined after coming back just died now i am guildless again. But i wont sub again til we get high elves so it doesnt matter.
I'm starting to think you are right. been back a week, still the same mess it has always been.
That's a lot of words.

See you next xpac
but if you come back this time youll have to step up your game and have a cool line for it.. Rage Quit: This time its personal. Or something like that, wouldnt it be just easier to stay?
What a long strange trip it’s been huh :) I hope you carry the good memories from the game with you. And I also wish you the best of luck, whether you come back to WoW sometime or not.
Dear diary
you,ve forgotten the high cost of upgrading your comp to meet system requirements, throughout the years. and the cost of the highest internet speeds available. I too am on disability, and unable to do raids and some dungeons, due to these things... two aspects of the game i loved at one time. $30.00 per month to upgrade my internet connection is alot for some one on a fixed income.. cost 75.00 to upgrade my comp for bfa. new graphics card and larger power supply.. i too am thinking of quitting. cant afford the cost of a good gaming comp.. good luck
I'm sorry to see anyone leave.
Peace, luck and happiness wherever you land!
10/22/2018 09:34 PMPosted by Muttmutt
I started playing WoW during the vanilla era

and.....I stopped reading.
10/23/2018 05:30 AMPosted by Gorgwar
you,ve forgotten the high cost of upgrading your comp to meet system requirements, throughout the years. and the cost of the highest internet speeds available. I too am on disability, and unable to do raids and some dungeons, due to these things... two aspects of the game i loved at one time. $30.00 per month to upgrade my internet connection is alot for some one on a fixed income.. cost 75.00 to upgrade my comp for bfa. new graphics card and larger power supply.. i too am thinking of quitting. cant afford the cost of a good gaming comp.. good luck

Always sorry to see people quit this game. I am also on disability, and juggle things around so I can afford my legal, nonchemical escapes like WoW, and books, and a certain small yearly sf convention.*** And I'd like to point out that you don't have to have an ultra high speed Internet connection to play WoW. I've only got crappy CenturyLink DSL, fer cryin' out loud, and usually get around 75-77 ms latency.

*** By small, I mean attendance of 500 would be a very big year -- not even a drop in the bucket of a ginormous commercial con like Blizzcon.
I skipped reading your wall of text nor do I know you but I hope you come back to the game one day and have some fun.
Can I have your stuff?
Wow... That is a long well written recall of chronological events spanning the course of 13+ years.

Given the current state of the workforce quality I can bet you could find a job as a paper pusher or someone who can answer a phone call. Disabled doesn't mean zero functionality. Especially if you're on this forum posting a post structured like that.

This game doesn't really cost that much to play in comparison to other forms of entertainment. Your subscription runs $180 a year. Your telling me you don't spend $180 a year at McDonalds? Burger King? Taco Bell? At a handful of bars? A few date nights with a girlfriend or wife? Heck just to going to the movies now you're going to spend $25 before the end of the movie. The cost of upgrading hardware is also not relevant because whether you are playing a game or using your computer for work you constantly have to upgrade/replace equipment. That is called cost of ownership and has nothing to do with the game itself. I bet you have a pretty bad@$$ brand new Smart LED TV though? I also bet you subscribe to Netflix, Hulu and Prime TV all of which you find value in. The cost of this type of entertainment is not relevant to other forms of entertainment.

As far as ISP look around. Just like any technology there are constant advancements. I live in a remote location which was only serviced by crappy HugesNet or Exceed. Did some research talked to a company that was stationed almost 100 miles away and their product was Fixed Wireless connections. Cheaper, faster and no cap. With few months of back and forth and we had a plan in place and for $550 I got a connection installed that I can game on with a monthly fee of $25. I have no issues.

It's like my wife complaining to me that I play too much and don't spend time with her as she is sitting on the couch watching her 5th straight episode of Gray's or This Is Us. Hell, I even moved my computer to the Kitchen table to be in the same room and leave one earpiece off so I can talk and play and I get yelled at for not waiting until commercial. If you don't understand the value of the game or have lost it move on and stop complaining.

Your problem is you don't see value anymore, and that is okay, but that's not how everyone feels. If you don't see value stop buying it. It is a senseless waste of time to QQ about how you have lost motivation to play WoW. Purely based on the fact that you no longer value the entertainment it provides.

Not to be a dck but it also sounds like maybe you're not as good at playing as you think. No matter the guild if you are good they will make room. If you suck they will sideline you. No hard feelings some are better than others.

10/23/2018 06:16 AMPosted by Ghaghzull
10/22/2018 09:34 PMPosted by Muttmutt
I started playing WoW during the vanilla era

and.....I stopped reading.

shame. it was a pretty good post. No real bagging of any kind. Gave his own personal reasons for quitting, which likely aren't going to line up with any specific person's.

@op, I wish you well
I was a hardcore player from Vanilla who still plays today but now as casual. As a hardcore, I had 2 peaks ... during Vanilla (reached AQ40) and during WoTLK (killed Lich King with 2 toons). Then I became casual afterwards. I still came on every expansions but I also left becoz I felt casuals cant cope up with the hardcores.

I cant join a raiding guild now as casual. Dungeon Finder saved me recently. On Legion, I beat Mythic Emerald Nightmare and reached Mythic +15 at the same time... all on Dungeon Finder but I left though afterwards becoz of Diablo3's Necromancers but I came back on Antorus just enough to get AoTC.

Now on BFA, I am still casual but fewer playing time. I just play when I can. I am not in a hurry. I haven't beaten Normal Uldir yet and currently on Mythic +4. I am way way behind but it's okay becoz I am just casual. I am positive that I will get AoTC and will reach Mythic +15 before the expansion ends. I am currently revered to most factions... I will be exalted soon. I don't have to rush it.

At least, I am enjoying RL life now with my wife and daughter. When I was hardcore, I don't have time for RL.
dont give them any of your stuff and see you in classic....classic will over take live.
Bye Felicia! See you in 8.1!

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