[H] <Got My Horde On> 6/8H 1/8M LFM

<Got My Horde On> 6/8H 1/8M is an active casual raiding guild with a chill environment looking for more to join us for raiding and mythic +!

We raid Wed/Thurs at 8.30pm server time!

Looking primarily for holy pally/disc priest, lock/DK. We also take other DPS and healers, so feel free to apply!'

About us:
We're a group of mature, friendly casual players who enjoy playing end game content with an emphasis on no stress raiding with a "come when you're able to" mentality. If you're not able to make a raid night, no worries! We understand what it's like to have a job and other real life commitments, so feel free to come along when you can!

We raid twice a week on Wed/Thurs at 8.30pm for farm and progression content.

We're really friendly and willing to help out new players and players returning to WoW! So hit us up!
We're now 7/8 H :D

i am a senior member of <Tribo> and we are currently on a rebuild, and are open to various options. If you are open to talking, please contact me through my bnet rapthefro#1218 or message me in game.


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