the 1 thing that would 100% make you quit?

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10/29/2018 02:04 AMPosted by Tovi
Dissolving the factions.

Honestly the opposite of this for me, if they continue with their current writing staff.

It's been consistently proven over the course of several expansions that the writers at Blizzard cannot write a compelling war story to save their lives. I've just stopped caring, and I think I will permanently if it continues.

The story's always been a bit stupid, but it's never made me frustrated before.
Removal of flying going forward
Removal of transmog
Disabling all addons

Any one of those would straight up make me quit. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
Customizations on the Cash Shop.
Nothing to mind other than puting extremely op gear in cash shop. Other than that it would probably take alot to make me quit, im still messing with older content and alts. Theres so much of the game people dont mess with as much, which i enjoy doing.
If the devs decided to eliminate flying in future expansions, and followed through with it, then I'd pull the plug. The manipulation of saying "maybe" for months before saying "not at all" was disgusting. I'm surprised that I didn't leave the game for good then, I was teetering on the edge, then they changed their tune, so I stayed.
No Flying = gone forever.

If future patches are like bfa, I am also going to stop playing.
If they don't announce ogres and silver covenant elves at blizzcon, I'm done.
Azerite gear.
Sylvanas staying as warchief after this expansion.

Edit - Keeping the factions to keep PvP players happy when there is no good reason to for PvE
The thing that would 100% make me quit is if the faction imbalance continues to swing to the degree that it becomes unfeasible to play Alliance. There would literally be nothing they could do for this game that would entice me to stay if I felt forced to play horde.
just if i no longer find the game fun
Something awful would have to happen to raiding in general. It's the main reason I play. But considering that raiding hasn't really changed that much in like a decade, it's unlikely that's going to happen.
Removal of flying would be about the only thing that would tempt me to quit.

Even then I think I'd still play, but I'd be very sad.
I can’t really think of anything. I kind of go by the feel of the game. If I’m having fun I’ll continue to play the game. When I’m not, that’s when I’ll leave.
10/28/2018 09:19 PMPosted by Truthspeaker
Yep. Removal of flying would be instant unsub for me.

Edited to add that gating it behind dungeons or raids or pvp would probably also be unsub-worthy for me.

They already did. My hunter had to do one LFR to get flying, in Legion. I made a big deal about it, then it was over in 15 minutes.

I still don't like it, but I expect I'll have to do the same thing again?

I would not mind removal of flying myself, if the place was not designed for flying. Argus wasn't bad, outside of the holes I'd fall into in MaCrappy. So it wasn't a case of not having flying, it was poor design coupled with not having flying. The PENALTY was not having flying, so I did not see the need for holes for me to fall into; That was a DOUBLE PENALTY.

I also get tired of the Lulls, which seem to be designed into each expansion now. We are pretty much in one now. We know, from Legion, that things will ramp up and it will be way easier to raise Azerite power and junk. So it kind of seems pointless to play in a way? I remember how my Hunter, in Legion, would grind away and then things were accelerated. Then this character went in and passed my Hunter, pretty fast.
We are going to mist of pandaria again.

They made a good character like sylvanas a senseless cartoon villain.

If we lose one more warchief it's the deal for me
Realistically, if Blizz releases a graphics update. I'm already at graphics setting 3. And my laptop is only a year old, but it runs hot on this game. I dropped 1,500 on the thing and it plays most games well but it screams during a raid or a large BG.

I might have to wait 5 years for my next computer which will not be a laptop.
No addons
No Enhance Shamans.

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