I do not know how your kill setup works, but as ret/spriest my ret stays on the mage to be as annoying as possible and swap to rog on our setups.
Any hpals with a legit suggestion how to survive rogue fire mage opener?
Your teammates need to need to cc to peel and stack the meteor if possible. Peeling their opener puts them far back. If you don’t bubble you can win
11/01/2018 10:56 PMPosted by Aesthetic
Any hpals with a legit suggestion how to survive rogue fire mage opener?

Yeah if ur team mate fails to peel just push bubble
RMP I would say takes more coordination and is easier to punish compared to RMpala.

My only gripe with fire RMX is there are so many mediocre ones that dont bother to fake cast or really even try to coordinate but are still rewarded with wins. RMPala just has so much wiggle room for mistakes because the burst is so high and the CC is insane coupled with paladins defensive kit.

If they nerfed Gpyro, blaster master and general burst and moved it into fireball/scorch damage fire mages wouldn’t be forced back into legion meta where they did weak damage and was a CC bot.
Remove defensive dispel cool down. Problem solved.
11/01/2018 01:49 PMPosted by Saltmasterx
>:) Sub frost rmp is going to make a comeback. and ima spearhead it

Please change shadow dance to one strong dance every min and give sub a dmg buff. I love playing against/as rmp when it feels like you got outplayed because they saved cc/cds and baited trinkets. Instead of stunning off dr and spamming instants. I may even dust off the ole rogue for next season if they buff it.
11/01/2018 01:46 PMPosted by Sugarbeet
I think current RMP/Pal is frustrating because of how little CC is needed - a well timed hoj+kidney is more effective than actually ccing well, and even random kidneys on kill targets can be good because of the high damage output
Yeah this exactly. Honestly that comp just makes Hpally look like free rating.
11/01/2018 07:58 AMPosted by Saltmasterx
It's op but most rmps get screwed if you just slow rogue the whole game. Also kicking key polies is a must. Idk what comp you run but a lot of the time if you just train rogue you can get cds without ccing healer and slow their goes down.

That's a negative.
So all I have gotten from this is go rogue and peel opener?
I hate how they have so many get out of jail free cards
11/02/2018 05:09 PMPosted by Vais
So all I have gotten from this is go rogue and peel opener?

Their opener is probably gonna be scary, so don't be scared to trade your big defensives in the opener. Our ret usually just bubbles the opener.
People who don't think RMX is the most broken comp in the game by a mile.

You have the play so badly to lose any games as RMX... Sad.

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