[H] Tu/Th 6pm-8pm EST New raid team

<Live Bearded> is a new adult guild on Hyjal. We're just a bunch of dudes looking to raid, get boss's down and have fun doing it and looking for the same. We are a small group of prior semi hardcore raiders who have returned to the game to raid in a more relaxed setting.

We are currently recruiting all roles. Our raid schedule will be Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm EST until 8pm EST. With our short raid schedule, we're looking for serious raiders who come prepared for raid with all consumables and having some knowledge of the progression fights.

Attendance will be relaxed in this xpac as raid team sizes are dynamic so you will get to raid with us as your schedule permits.

For more information and/or a guild invite, contact either:
Chanadar - Battletag thegreatchan#1305
Aveladë(alt 137) - Battletag Ave#11201
Still looking

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