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Call me crazy, but as much as I love the more open accessibility of the specs and classes, a small part of me misses when some specs were by their very nature more complex than others because that was part of their identity.

Like hey, this person plays a feral druid or affliction warlock and they're good at it? That steep-as-hell "git gud or fail hard" play style was the spec identity: you either practiced like hell to give insane parses or you were warming the bench, not because the spec was bad but because you were bad.

Eh, what do I know, I only mained a SV hunter for a decade, and everyone knew how easy those were to play.
I feel like they need to do a step back in weaknesses to like MoP levels. Too much was taken away and pruned in the search of niches and identities that it made those identities not fun. Speaking about my favorite ret spec right now at least. By design - a strong juggernaut ST spec with low mobility and no cleave. A very defined role, but is it fun? I don't think so.
In my opinion it shouldn't be all about class identity it should be spec identity as well or even more so about spec. I think if it were more about spec utility rather then class utility it could fix quite a few things
DK's niche identity - DUMMY
11/09/2018 08:40 PMPosted by Martei
In my opinion it shouldn't be all about class identity it should be spec identity as well or even more so about spec. I think if it were more about spec utility rather then class utility it could fix quite a few things

I think the abilities that define the class should be built into its class identity. Its strengths should be built into the class with moderate to descent at everything. Good Utility, ST, Cleave, AOE Damage, and Mobility/Survivability.

The Specs then should flesh that out with some new abilities and greater strengths. So one spec is great at single target, and has a solid rotation and unique identity of its own. However, its core class is descent at the things its weak at, so it does not completely fall on its face.

Then the second spec has its unique abilities, rotations, and animations granting its identity. It's stronger at Cleave, and AOE, however its still descent at ST because of the core class.

That is how it should be IMO, the current system has specs as essentially separate classes. There needs to be more overlap and interplay between them. For example, I play Prot mostly, and Fury for my off spec, I will also play Arms when necessary or asked too. When I switch builds, roughly 70%+ of my abilities from my core rotation are gone. Most of my CDs are gone, there is no identity that really pulls them together other than there all suppose to be Warrior Specializations.
I think this whole fiat strength/weakness discussion is smoke-screen by Blizz for the fact that there are now too many specs with too much overlap and not a great deal of distinction. This problem has dramatically increased since specs effectively became their own subclasses.

If they want to go the route of strength/weakness then they need to group the specs up into larger categories then given those categories specific tools that interact with specific boss mechanics. Like imagine if periodic enrages on bosses was more of a thing and you had to have multiple specs with some variant of tranq-like ability to remove stack of that. Same thing for magic buff and purges, and any number of mechanics that blizz could design. The point is, in the context of wow, strengths and weakness cant be this abstract subjective garbage that blizzard muses over like its some artistic design, it should either be explicit game mechanics or not exist at all and instead go back to MoP and pretend like the devolution of class design of WoD-BfA never happened.
The issue will always be that no one wants/or accepts the weaknesses. That will always be the focus in their class/spec while strengths are the focus when looking at other classes. People know they should not have everything and each class should have strengths and weaknesses but they want everything.
11/05/2018 10:45 AMPosted by Varrow
2. Movement restriction is a garbage weakness. This applies to Death Knights, Paladins, and most ranged classes. I think one of the biggest reasons MoP is remembered so fondly is because all classes had reasonable movement abilities/options.

I don't expect my Warlock to get double Blink and maybe a 3rd reverse Blink, or a Disengage with a Sprint.
But if I could do my baseline dps rotation WHILE WALKING SLOWLY TO MY DESTINATION, I'd be fine with that. I don't need Warlock Blink, I just need to be able to chuck some Shadow Bolts and Incinerates while I move slower than others.

It'd probably also feel less bad if my self-sustain wasn't massively gutted from Legion, but even I felt "immortal unless one-shot" was a bit much, and I'd gladly suffer this excessively over-nerfed butchering of my self-sustain... if I could properly keep my dps uptime while doing raid mechanics.

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