[A] <Haven of the Lost> Social/Casual!

<Haven of the Lost> is a brand new casual/social guild on Lightbringer that’s focused on building a community of friends that help each other out. We are looking for kind and fun people to join us! Guild activities include Keystones, Dungeons, Transmog runs and more! We do not currently raid however its something we may do in the future. Come join us and be social with us in Discord!

If you have any questions or would like to join feel free to post in this thread or reach out to to a member of our guilds leadership team, You can also join our discord server: https://discord.gg/xTUwDe8

Venaticus (Guild Master)
Battletag: Ranger#1485
Discord: Ranger#1485

Liviaran (Co-Guild Master)
Battletag: FeistyPanda#1223
Discord: Jess (Liv)#3474

Battletag: rBloodline#1533
We wouldn't mind having a band of people on our wagon whom enjoy the company of others. I know I enjoy Transmog runs, Mount runs and of course Keystones.

There's nothing more that I enjoy being able to have a group together, even multiple groups together in Discord. Sharing new things, their progressions, knowledge of the game and working together as a huge team. Along with helping with leveling Toons.

Get to know us, our play styles and maybe you'll see that we are a great group of people to be among. Come make some new friends and join our Adventures in WoW.
Hi! Wondering if you guys were still recruiting? I just transferred to LB and am looking for a good social guild.
Hey Cleolatte!
We are always recruiting, if your interested in joining feel free to reach out to me on Battle net (Ranger#1485), you can also join our discord server (https://discord.gg/xTUwDe8)
Our guild is still recruiting!

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