Emissary weapons for rogues

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Would just note that on US-Alliance side, we’ve received two weapon emissaries in a row, neither of which yields a dagger as a reward for rogues.

Given that non-daggers are primarily of interest just to Outlaw, it would be really cool if you could code for a dagger to appear as a reward at least every other weapon emissary. Losing out on the opportunity for a fresh 120 Assassination or subtlety rogue to acquire a strong MH weapon consistently feels bad, especially when there seems to be an emphasis on sticking with a certain spec or playstyle otherwise.

(Subtlety can use a non-dagger offhand, but thematically it’s strange, and I’m not sure if there is a negative repercussion to performance post-tuning for Legion.)

Make that three days in a row - three weapon emissary rewards in three days, zero daggers. How does that make any sense?
I dont think i have seen a dagger wq or emissary since bfa came out.

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