When was last azerite armor emissary cache for NA alliance?

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Seems like we don't get the anymore.
I think it was Oct 22. Not 100% sure but it was over 2 weeks
I honestly don't recall. I stopped doing emissaries awhile ago.

I'm pretty sure there was one a week or so ago, but honestly the days all sort of run together, so it could have been longer.
Definitely at least 2 weeks pretty much since they changed the ap and gold rewards
Buff caches and made the rng spawn worse, lol
I dont understand how my horde character has had over 5 or 6 azerite caches over the last 2 weeks but my alliance characters get maybe 1? i get its rng but this is kind of unbalanced
Another day without an azerite armor emissary for NA Alliance. This is a joke.

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