Faction change request vanished?

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I paid for a faction change... at least I think I did. I did all the steps, the character to be changed had a funny little icon next to her name for about 10 minutes. Then the icon went away and nothing happened.

I don't see a charge on my bank account, but I'm reluctant to try to request again as I don't want to be charged twice if it's still pending and there's just some hold up. What do I do to confirm the faction change went through?
Hey Sabrinne,

Sound like the purchase didn't go through. You can have Billing take a look here:


Live Chat or Callback are usually best for monetary issues.
ouch you got your card declined in front of all of us in forums
That's not helpful, Cozart. Is it from insufficient funds? Is it from a security check? Is it from an expired card? Is it from information typed incorrectly?

You don't anything about the OP's circumstances.
And even if it were because of insufficient funds - do we really want to shame people over financial difficulties? I say we should not.

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