Forum search is atrocious

Website Bug Report
It feels silly to have document this, since it's so apparently broken to anyone who uses it.

The first issue is that the search function defaults to "relevance." Relevant to what? Not what you're looking for, unless you're from 2011.

The second issue is searching with quotes. Before I started writing a bug report on the website, I was going to write a bug report on the quest "What We've Been Training For." It searches for each term individual and returns every post. Good like finding something relevant that way.

I understand Google is there as an option...but if I'm supposed to use that, why is the search function on the site at all?
I recently did another forum search by the default "relevance". At the bottom of the page, I saw some results from October 24, October 28, October 30. I sorted by "latest". The most recent search result was October 4.

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