Is it time to end Dark Moon Faire?

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Why is it that every time somebody doesn't like something in the game, they make threads about why it should be removed?
they would delete LFR before deleting darkmoon
I have no issue with Darkmoon Faire. I wish it got new additions more frequently (we still have all those "COMING SOON" signs in front of empty tents), but slow additions of new content isn't a justifiable reason to remove it.

Actually with a 114 internet speed and a fresh video card I and feedback from others in the area at the time I am not the only one getting lag. I find the issue with DMF to me quest relate for the main part. Many of the quests have been bugged for my toons. The herbalist is currently one that is bugged and reported with the gm responding that they can't do !@#$ it is the game developers that need to fix the issue. If the game developers don't bother to fix things that we go down there for, who hasn't run all their toons through DMF every month for the profession upgrades? But when the profession quests are bugged why keep running every toon through?
11/09/2018 02:48 AMPosted by Zingashi
Why is it that every time somebody doesn't like something in the game, they make threads about why it should be removed?
Orcs are stupid looking. Remove orcs. They are pointless.
It sounds like the lag is an issue on your end. I've never lagged in the DMF before.
11/09/2018 01:32 AMPosted by Pandacavy
Dark Moon Faire used to be a fun diversion. Now it seems to be a frustrating time waster that does not function properly for all races and classes of toons. The profession quests don't even work half the time anymore. Getting there is just a major pain with all the lag in SW and when you come out of the Faire area in Goldshire the lag was so bad tonight it took me nearly 5 minutes by the clock to be able to leave the area with the stop start lag. It really sucks to have stop action so bad that when you start to be able to move again you turn around, the lag turns the toon around it is so bad, and when you turn around take a step you are froze again. As a long term player I am not enjoying the experience and question this events relevance in the game with all the problems getting there, getting back and the bugs inherent in the area itself.
just flag evryone for pvp when the bands start playing ;)
I have sooper internet speed and a sooper video card, yes i run 124 addons and am connected to 4 voice chat programs and have usually 4 pages up on google for references, but pet battles lag so please remove pet battles.
Lag is on your side not the games. If you are oceanic and get phased maybe that's the issue too.
If you don’t like it, just don’t do it.

There is nothing about the Faire that is necessary for progression; it’s just a set of mini games and such that some people enjoy.

It being there hurts you precisely not at all.


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