I am DC'ing after I die constantly

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FIX NOW!!! I die in mythic + runs and get disconnected and again and again and again trying to log back in!!! FIX NOW PLEASE!
Also please stop hiring devs out of the high school parking lots. It isnt working out for you.
Also please stop hiring devs out of the high school parking lots. It isn't working out for you.

It's all the gaming industry can get with their combined pay scale and hours. It's just absurd what the difference is in the "real world" vs the gaming industry. Blizzard is one of the good guys too -- I shudder when I hear the stories coming out of places like EA.
To the OP...

Better to open a ticket than to rant here. Rants don't provide useful information.

In reply to the comments...

Pay scales are based on supply and demand. Pay scales go up when the supply (number in the workforce) goes down and the demand (need for workers) goes up. If you're getting less than what you think you should, it's because someone else is willing to work for that.

Of course, if all the work is going overseas (outsourced), you're competing with people who for one month of your current salary could live like a King for a year.
Maybe, just maybe, since I'm yet to see anyone else complaining about the same thing here... the issue could be on your end?

Are you 12 years old?

Please learn how the world works.
Bermy, you might want to describe the issue in more detail, and do the following:

1) Do a Scan and Repair from the Battle.net app. To do so, click the WoW icon in the lefthand pane, then click the cogwheel icon to bring up the pulldown menu in the top of the main pane, and select Scan and Repair.

2) Delete the following files/folders:

~/Library/Application Support/Battle.net/BrowserCache
~/Library/Application Support/Battle.net/Cache
/World of Warcraft/Cache

Gather a pathping sample following the directions in the following link and then post it here, encapsulated in code tags for easier thread navigation: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/7871

Post your system info as well in full. This can be put into your clipboard and pasted here after opening WoW, entering normal Windowed mode (if not already there), clicking the Help menu in the menubar, and selecting Copy Support Information....

It's frustrating, but without some further details, Blizzard can't fix anything for you or even begin to diagnose what the problem might actually be.

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