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Tides of Vengeance PTR Bug Report
Get dc'd often, crit errored.
Minimizing while game is on loading bar instantly freezes it and must be manually closed with task manager.
Jumping often causes crit errors.
Raiding seems stable for me?....
Getting constant crashes here. Reinstalled, etc. Seems to be a lot of others DCing frequently. What is going on? This doesn't seem like a remotely playable build on my end.
11/10/2018 11:41 AMPosted by Codebase
What is going on? This doesn't seem like a remotely playable build on my end.

Definitely not a playable build. Multiple crashes everywhere frequently and bugs that dont let you progress questlines or scenarios.

But you see, on Tuesday everything was fine. I noticed these problems started approximately on Wednesday morning. Did someone trip on a wire over at Blizzard?
My game keeps crashing/freezing every single time I try to go into the system settings in game. It eventually says the game is unresponsive and asks me to close the game or wait for it to respond.
To add to the list as I'm sure our feedback is "greatly valued".

- The PTR crashes when trying to open the Interface panel.
- The Darkshore scenario crashes anywhere at anytime during the start, middle, end.
- Rakera is bugged in "Ride of the Zandalari" Quest. She falls out of the sky and is unresponsive. In other words, you CANNOT progress the war campaign.
- There's reports that the Tol Dagor scenario is also bugged as well, but I cannot confirm this yet.

So, is this a PTR or some server someone put together during their lunch break. I'd love to help test things out and report bugs but I feel they don't care about any of this :(
Also, it seems the rogue's Dispatch ability hangs the client too.
1st boss in raid is mass crashing people when it casts it's seal.

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