Can it be possible to get 2 new classes...

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...instead of 1 in the next xpac? I mean what's really stopping Blizzard from doing considering they are capable of making such sheer amount of content regardless.

I mean even in the distant past Diablo 2's Lords of Destruction expansion gave us 2 new classes. And Mist of Pandaria gave us both a new class and a new race at the same time so it was the trend breaker of "1 expansion gets a new race, the next expansion gets a new class"

As to what the next classes should be I am still hoping we get a Tinker and/or Necromancer. The tinker especially because the Gnomes and Goblins needs a class the befits their technological theme.

I will ask how different would a Necromancer be compared to an Unholy Spec Death Knight? I thought that was the stand in for the Nercomancer class?
give monks ranged spec first
I would love to see a new hero class

Chandler, Confessor, vampire, assassin that uses traps or sentries to kill stuff.

Take note on shadowbane and Diablo and let's get another hero class
I feel like this would be bad because whenever Blizz adds another class, we're in bad juju for months after expac launch with it being overpowered and kinda nuts. Two classes going through that? Balance would be a nightmare. It's a nightmare now.
Yes but haven't you already noticed we are still in beta the real expansion doesn't hit until 8.1 LOL

The philosophy is simple we push out content as quickly as we can through the real beta or the so-called beta and then when players get a chance to experience how wonky and buggy the system is then we start making Corrections isn't that how it's supposed to work?
not going to happen, it'll be more for them to port to mobile?

what don't you have a phone?
They missed that opportunity with legion with demon hunters / wardens.
Time is the answer. They would have to design 2 classes each with multiple specs. Then they'd have to do some kind of balancing for them with the other classes. Then you have to figure in are they hero classes, regular classes, or 1 and 1. Any kind of hero class requiers a starting zone with a questline.

Then add that in with the new expansions gameplay/system changes. New mobs, quests, environments, dungeons, raids, etc.

It's not as easy as just saying they can do 2 instead of 1. If they have a release deadline to hit what content will suffer to get it out on time? Do the classes come off underwhelming or does endgame content disappoint?
3 would be cool. Blood Mage, Tide Sage, and Dark Ranger
11/11/2018 04:58 AMPosted by Quizotic
not going to happen, it'll be more for them to port to mobile?

what don't you have a phone?

Lol good one
Well another non gameplay reason to do this is it just doesn't make sense financially. A massive reason that people came back to Legion was because they saw the trailers that Illidan was BACK and people thought it was TBC 2 with playable demon hunters. This made people FLOCK back to the game. It's a good way to evenly spread out the games income by producing this stuff as they need it. Imagine if they released tinker with Legion. One of them obviously belongs there and one doesn't, and whatever one ends up being underpowered compared to the other instantly becomes a meme class and that's a hard stamp of disapproval to remove even after buffs. It's better to have one singular thing to get people excited for sometime than a hodge podge cluster mess of features. Also they always like to theme the new class around the expansion so if they do tinkers it will probably be a big gnome and goblin tech theme expansion.
I still think it character that burns health for Mana or vice verses would be cool to play like the Confessor in shadowbane

Or a ranger that can grant auras to party members that are close

Or a thief that can steal gold from players in PvP

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