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I think mine was BRD
Molten Core. Spent an entire night trying to figure out how to beat Lucifron. When we finally did, we gave Magmadar a few tries and called it a night. We felt like the kings of the world.
Back in vanilla you could do 5 man dungeons with a raid group so I did that with some early dungeon, I think WC. The first RAID raid I did was Kara though.
Even tho I started in vanilla, I didn't actively raid till wrath (naxx was my first raid ever), 1 because I hated vanilla and quit shortly after hitting 60. 2 when I came back in BC my work schedule left me with no raid time. So I leveled an army of alts.
11/11/2018 03:32 PMPosted by Remela
First raid was molten core. Second was Zul Gurub. I still remember my raid leader yelling and using dkp to determine loot. I raided a lot and never got a piece of loot from MC. Got an item from ZG though.

That is exactly why I stuck to 5 mans after the original game.

Well, that and the fact that I am fairly antisocial.
The Eye of Eternity. My cousin's guild needed more warm bodies, and well there I was. It was rough, but we got it done. :)
molten core. woo woo

felt so awesome, could not down rag but it was still awesome.
Naxx during Wrath. I was part of a guild that struggled with it (while everyone else was spouting off how easy it supposedly was). I later left that guild and joined another that one-shotted the whole thing in one sitting, and got a Betrayer of Humanity for my DK. :)
I think my first raid was Zul'Gurub, back in Wrath, on my old Hunter. Had no idea what was going on, but it was fun.
Molten Core back in '05
UBRS 10-Man. I was randomly whispered to tank while standing in Ironforge. I am still with the same guild 14 years later. :)
Molten Core. I was lvl 59. I didn't say a word because I was so enthralled with the music and environment. It was an experience I will remember!
11/11/2018 03:12 PMPosted by Daltorax
It was icc, did the first 4? Bosses. Got up to Saurfang jr.

Didn’t know what was going on but it was fun.

Same for me, was a pug raid for the weekly to kill Lord Marrowgar.

Group was good so we tried to push as far as we could,one shot everything. Killed Overlord Saurfang, pally ninja'd DBW and it fell apart lol.

EDIT: Were you the one that ninja'd DBW? lol
First raid I was in? Molten Core around patch 1.10. First raid I lead? Kara (sometime near sunwell opening)

In kara, killed first two bosses first try :D with me as a feral tank, which was still rare at the time. Good times.
Kara & ToC were the first two regular teams. ICC was the first full clear.
I think it was Ulduar. I never got to do the whole thing though back in Wrath, I remember defeating Auriaya but never any of the 4 keepers because groups would disband. Then when I actually started guild raiding, Trial of the Crusader was the first raid I finished.
My first rad was ICC and I made to up to Prof Putricide.
11/11/2018 03:13 PMPosted by Stompypotato
UBRS in the original game. Was fun, but I much prefer to run raids alone long after they are current these days.

I always forget that was a raid, it seems more like a 40 man dungeon. Same for me, I guess. MC was the first (somewhat) difficult thing I raided. There wasn't a lot of mechanics in there, but it was a step up from UBRS.
ICC as a Holy Paladin that had no idea about anything. The group was very patient with me, but I was kicked at Sindragosa xD I remember I had a man tear in my eye, and I was sad.

But you know, I made it to Sindy at 11 years old on a healing role. I did pretty well for myself, looking back lmao.
Oh man. Original Onyxia? I was late to the raiding scene because I was so scared. And I got shoo'ed out of that one for bad dps. Which was fair, I was pretty young and my dps was bad but I heard that it was an awesome fight before I knew my class.

Bringing back memories :)

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