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Don't remember what it was an to this day night sure. That back in the fun days. All I remember is jumping over stupid green lake or die. I was brought in just to buff everyone. I was a pall. If had any time place a heal or something. Most boring night of my life. Did that one and several others for about two months and said nope not for me. Only did it cause friend ask me you. Took him 4 months to get me to come back. only then if paly on my druid.
Molten Core, of course.

The raiding guild I belonged to at the time had all r/l male druids. I was the first r/l female druid in the bunch. I remember finding out from a Shaman that the "guys" were colluding against me getting any drops. What they didn't know was that I actually knew the Guild Leader IRL and had made him aware of it. One druid's last set-piece dropped (I don't remember what it was) and I bet all my DKP on the one piece just to spite him (the GL approved of that move) and I didn't feel too bad because there were some undercurrents going on at the time and I thought "This guild isn't going to last much longer anyway, might as well have some gear for my effort".

Sure enough, 2 weeks later our (finally) fully geared tank was sniped by another raiding guild and ours erupted with the majority leaving.

There is still a youtube video out there of that tank roughly month later, quitting WoW (for reasons I don't know, I'm guessing his new guild didn't "work out") and him sitting in Org. sharding all his gear. Gear that I helped him get!

Yeah, that's only a small fraction of the crap I've seen in the game being in a "Oooo Raiding Guild". I have no use for it now. So much for being "social" in a video game.
It was either ZG or MC. I forget which one, but I will never forget when I first stepped into MC and you hear t hat music with 2 huge rock dudes at the end of the starting tunnel.
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Naxxramas, vanilla. That was one of the most stressful, frustrating, irritating, annoying and fun moments of my history in this game.

Ya Naxx 40 was a blast... except Saph... needed so much frost resist gear >_<

Farming for resist gear is something people now need to prepare for if they play Classic. People are not going to believe how spoonfed they are.
Molten bore. I shot shadowbolts and summoned slackers.. And heathstones /shutter
Molten Core on a prot warrior(different account). I had to remove gear for trash spawns because I couldn't generate rage fast enough.
Oh yeah, 2006, MC on this very toon, in the same guild. That first raid just blew me away. I'd never played a game with so much going on at the same time.
lol, although it took us 3 hrs just to get to Luci and then I think we got 1 or 2 pulls in on him before we had to call it quits because it was getting late.

And with other real people playing, laughing and joking with each other, so much fun. It was really a hook for how much I enjoyed the game back then. Damn, I miss those days.
was either Solusek's Eye, or Lodizal. Can't remember exactly.
Did some molten core on my rogue in vanilla. It was sooooo boring.
I was a total noobie. I was playing a mage during Vanilla. I had done some pvp, spent hours in Alterac Valley and was generally in love with the game. For pvp reasons (gear), i decided to try to join a raiding guild. The day I joined, they asked me to come into raid...I had no idea what was going on and they were on Eye of C'Thun. I died almost immediately 3-4 times (in my defense, it was really bad luck, tendrils spawned under me as we ran in a couple times) and I decided it was best for me to just leave.
Molten core 40 man. Joined about a month after it released in 40 was the first raid wow ever had.

The excitement around it was real and back then when it just opened i thought any guilds clearing it were BA. Indeed several guilds started their reputations by being the first on each realm to clear it.


Ahh nostalgia.

Edit. Saw some folks mentioning ubrs...i loved that place. However i swore mc was first 40 man.
Long Hours in Molten Core on my NE rogue.
1st raid classic UBRS and hope to find somebody with a key 20 man
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What was the first raid you were ever a part of?

vanilla's ZG on my original main a human pally (which i still have).

I was a healbot :| I wore cloth, leather, mail, plate. (i looked horrible as you could imagine)

it was fun, but stressful at times (as i wasnt use to raiding with that many ppl as i mainly only did 5mans)
Either UBRS or Molten Core. It's been too long.
Molten Core playing a mage.

Edit: Oops, UBRS came before MC, so I guess that.
My first ever guild raid was back in wrath.

I got thrown in the deep end.. 3 drake sartherion 25 man.

Granted I was just there as a warm body, but I must have been doing something right because after they killed it (realm 3rd at the time), I got dragged through Naxx for gearing. Was in the kill the next week though :)

Granted in BC I did pug Kara once.. but this was my first actual legitimate guild progression raid.
Karazhan for me.
Onyxia, before we were doing MC, back in Vanilla.

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