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I will never forget walking into ICC. Hearing bonestorm for the first time.

I dont think you could ask for a better first experience then normal ICC.
LBRS/UBRS. Way back in classic. Moved on to MC soon after.
Between EQ, EQOA and a few others, I can't timeline them all, but my first organized, memorable raid would probably be the Isle of Dread back on EQOA in...2003? At least, that's the one that really comes to mind. I remember some haphazard, community-run raids on old EQ dragons, as well, but I can't remember when they were.

Edit: Actually, I think my Lord Chardith epic quest raid would've been even prior to that. I only remember that one because his dead body continued to slide around on the floor, zapping and killing people as they looted him. Good ol' SOE.

My brain melted at the vast structures of the Titans, and I was hooked.
I was a level 70 Night Elf Hunter, (Now one of my BE mains) soloing and being very casual. It was mid-BC, I think I was running around Netherstorm searching for Nuramoc.

I was in full Merciless BG gear, and felt so proud of it, even though I knew people called it 'Welfare gear'. Yet it was the first time I'd ever worn Epics, and, not only that; full epics, in every slot.

A Paladin whispered me, asking if I wanted to join a Tempest Keep Raid. I'd never raided before (My children were babies then, and I had no time.) So I told her I had no experience. She was really nice, and said she'd guide me, and make sure I was looked after.

It was ten minutes into the Raid, I was still alive, and everyone was being nice to me. My heart was racing and I thought I was going to faint, but I hadn't done anything stupid, or so I thought!

Suddenly I see a whisper flash into my chat box. I scroll back, and the Paladin has said to me, "You are going really well. Just remember, you can use all your abilities, not only Auto-shot."

I'd been so nervous about doing something idiotic, I'd forgotten how to play my character! Thankfully she was so nice, and I never made the same mistake again.
Zul aman.

First completed was naxxramas 25
Karazhan on a hunter.
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but my first organized, memorable raid would probably be the Isle of Dread back on EQOA in...2003

Ahh, of course, Everquest.

My first organised Raid was with my Aussie Guild in Everquest.

We fought Derakor the Vindicator several times before killing him. Raids weren't phased in EQ, so often we'd try, and the other Aussie Guild, who were better geared and more experienced than us, would storm the zone and take the kill from us.

I remember one night they realised we were able to do it, and they stood back, watching us. When Derakor the Vindicator died, the rival guild members cheered and saluted us. It was a rite of passage for our small, casual guild.
Karazhan during BC when it was still current content. Was a lot of fun, still think it is the best raid they ever designed.
Good ol' Molten Core was my first. I remember thinking those place was so huge. It's funny to run through there now.
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I zoned in, promptly shot a shadowbolt at one of the two giants near the door because "HEY! Monsters!", and got ~9 people killed before they could clear the door. Learned my first lesson: "Let the tanks pull." only with a bit more profanity and laughter.
My first taste was Karazhan back in wrath. I was a recent level 70 and the guild wanted to throw themselves at it. I knew nothing, was beyond clueless, and when the group disbanded because no one could get past the first boss I was confused with levels of disinterest.

Though a year later I faction switched to join my brother's raiding guild and I got pretty far in the three raids that Wrath had.
LK Naxx.. I didn't raid in BC. Hell I was still wearing INT leather on my rogue in BC.. lol..
Cataclysm Expansion.
Bastion of Twilight.
Get invited on my mage.
Get summoned to instance.
Eat feast, drink flask.
Be told to sheep a specific mob.
First time trying out keybindings.
Go to sheep my add. Polymorph on Shift-C.
Hit Shift-X by mistake.
It was Blink.
Oh sh!t.jpeg.
My add sees me. slaps me around.
/run Ice block
Other adds go to my raid team because they can't kill me.
They slap the raid around.
Everyone hates me for my mistake.
I apologize. Doesn't matter.
Get kicked from raid.
Get kicked from guild.
Don't go into another raid until late Firelands.
Antorus Normal while it was current. It was the first time I was in a guild with a hardcore core and I got discord up and running. I was a co-tank and half the guildies were overgeared for it. First instruction to me was to put my discord on push to talk because my typing was driving everyone crazy. Second instruction was to please go behind one of the firebreathing dogs to turn it around and make it quit breathing fire on everyone. We got to 7/11 in one run before too many people had to go. When I signed up the next day, they asked me to sit that one out because bosses 8 and 9 had demanding mechanics that would easily get the whole party wiped if someone was in the wrong spot at the wrong time. I had read mechanics on the first half of the bosses, and when I looked up mechanics on 8 and 9, I understood. Mechanics on 10 and 11 looked alright on the lfr side, so I lfr'd 10 and 11 to get the insignia. I got a something bulwark trinket ilevel 935 from boss 10 that could absorb 18M damage and shoot waves of fire for 2M+ damage in four different directions that was more OP than most legendaries. Basically a micro-version of what boss 10 had for a big attack - I think I replaced my leggos before I replaced that thing (because it didn't lose its power at level 116 like the leggos did). I lfr'd 10 and 11 a few more times just because it was fun, but never took a crack at 8 and 9.

Edit: Oh yeah, lfr'd xavius in emerald nightmare for pathfinder reasons, but not sure that can count. We all just stood in this big circle room and burned the guy down. I vaguely remember someone trying to coordinate, but I wasn't taking damage and Xavius' health bar was being blown away, so I just stood their spamming buttons.

Before that I was an extra body when the guild did a guild challenge of hellfire citadel on mythic and one of the portals was unclickable to me for reasons I still don't know. I was fishing in some water a few bosses from the end when they killed Archimonde. I had read all those mechanics, but it was after legion launched and the guild could've 5-manned it except the achievement required a bunch of guildies in the party.

This morning I was trying to solo normal motherlode dungeon and got past the first boss who must've been designed for comic relief. There was a WQ for a 340+ trinket and a sideboss named Butchie was next in line for me. That guy ripped me a few new holes a couple times while I tried to figure him out. I pinged the guild and a hunter and DK hopped in to help me out. The DK did most of the leading and rattled off one or two lines about mechanics at each boss, I'd say ok, and we'd jump into it. We cleared Butchie and the last few bosses pretty fast. Guildies disappeared while I was admiring my new trinket and DK mentioned a car I could ride back. I missed where that was, so just hearthed out. My emissary turn-in ring for zaldazar WF'd to 345 a few minutes later too. Dinged overall ilevel 350 today. No raiding yet, but will likely read mechanics and lfr raids sometime later. Finished pathfinder 1 awhile back and sort of ran out of solo content now.
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"There he is! He's eating!!"
LFR Emerald Nightmare. No idea what I was doing but my friend told me mechanics dont matter in LFR and it was fun. Now I only really do LFR to gear up alts.
Karazhan was the first raid I did. I started before the expansion came out and was clicking all of my abilities. I wish I'd started playing sooner because I know I would have cleared all of the original raids. I was too caught up in Guild Wars and the notion of paying monthly for a game was ridiculous at the time.
First raid ever was obsidian sanc achv run in wrath

I had no idea what was going on and what achv they were going for. I was still in heroic/normal dungeon gear.

Needless to say they kicked me after the first wipe.

Second raid ever was icc 25 man. Was better geared because of badges and when we downed marrowgar, bryntroll dropped.

I won it.

They guild i was pugged with had an interal conflict when the master looter gave me the axe over their blood dk dps. He gquit on the spot lol.

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