Is there something out there like Rust? But better?

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I look around every few months but maybe I am missing some indie game. I have not tried Rust but the concept intrigues me (starting with just a rock). Is there something out there a little better but still sandbox like that?
Ark is rust with dinosaurs.
I've been playing 7 Days to Die, personally.
Ark is a beautiful buggy mess. I got 2.5k hours out of it. Recently just started it back up for the new DLC. If youve got people that play it go for it. Can be super hard getting into a tribe this late in the game as a newbie. Otherwise unofficial can be fun solo with boosted rates. Official rates to tame dinos can take all day.
Just checked some video on Rust gameplay. Sorry, first person view = nausea in 5 minutes for me.
If you’re looking for survival sandbox games they’re a dime a dozen. About 5 years or so ago it was the-genre-to-be so everyone and their mother made one. Most of them of questionable quality.

So in addition to Ark I think the other ones to look at are Conan Exiles or the upcoming Fallout 76.
Scum is the newest survival game out I think. Subnautica is an underwater survival game, and I believe theres a space survival game as well but I dont remember the name.
Are you looking for a single player or multiplayer experience? And just first person or you open to other styles?

The Long Dark is good for SP survival that focuses a lot more on survival and a lot less on "survival". Unreal World is another really good one though it's done in a roguelike fashion.

Multiplayer saddly most lack the actual survival focus. Rust is better than most in this regard where you are struggling for food and water early to mid game, but most you really have to be oblivious to starve or dehydrate. The MP genre is less about survival in the actual struggle to survive sense and more in the "can you survive people taking out their frustrations at living ineffectual lives IRL" type of survival.
My son plays it alot.

You can build your own base and you attack other people and their bases ( you raid them) to get materials and stuff... guns and ammo or equipment etc...

If you die i think you lose everything you are carrying, a serious pvp game.
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I've been playing 7 Days to Die, personally.
A17, the patch that will release, 'When it's done.' and I'm perfectly ok with that.

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